A Letter to Grandma

During his "dual enrollment" college English Composition class,
high school junior Jonathan David West wrote the following...


Dear Grandma,

In the more than one year since you passed away, we have all missed you. I know Grandpa does especially. We all have been consoled, however, by the fact that we know that you are up in heaven waiting for us. We know this because of the fantastic life you lived for God and the spectacular faith you had. I would personally like to thank you for that life and faith.

The root of every solid, Christian family is an honorable matriarch, and you served that role perfectly. You inspired us all to endure through hardship, and still do, more than a year later. You taught us to not be discouraged by trials and suffering, but to use such circumstances to grow closer to the Lord. You didn't do it alone; you and Grandpa did it as a team, and I know that now he misses that team mate. Even when the weakness from the disease set in, you cared more about your family than yourself, never missing anyone's birthday. We could always count on a loving message from you on our special day.

You never gave up, even throughout your long, terminal illness, because you had faith that God would heal you, and that even if He didn't the situation would all work out for good, and it has. I still think about visiting you, hunched and clearly in pain from the arthritis and osteoporosis, yet still smiling. No matter how bad your condition got, that benevolent smile never left your face. You never failed to offer a kind word or let your light shine, even in the hospitals and nursing homes. Just as Barnabas was the "Son of Encouragement" to the first century church in the book of Acts, so you were the "Daughter of Encouragement" to those who were around you in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

You loved everybody, just like Jesus did, and I am now trying to follow in your example and do the same. I try to remember to keep my temper, "turn the other cheek," and never judge. You increased my faith, allowing me to put more trust in the Lord. Since your death, I have been closer to Him than ever. I read my Bible more, pray more, and have learned to say, "It's in Your hands, Lord." I know you are up in heaven saying, "That's my grandson!" I still thank God for giving you an extra three years to be with us before He called you home.

So, thank you, Grandma. You meant so much to me and still do. I can't wait to see you in heaven someday.

With love,


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