Granddaughter shares memories

During the Sylvia West Memorial Service
Larissa Gore said the following...


I decided to speak because I think it would have made Grandmother proud, and also because I just needed to get up here and talk about how I'm proud of her too.

Grandmother gave me a clearer picture of God and his love. I grew up in church, and I have heard, probably from the day I was born, how much God loves me, but to this day, I don't really grasp it. I believe it, but I don't always feel it. Grandmother helped me to feel it though by allowing me to feel hers. She was always telling me how much she loved me and calling me her little princess. And she told me too about God's love and about how much Jesus loved me and sometimes it was like I could just see his love shining through her eyes.

I remember when I was going to school at Western. I'd often come home on the weekends and make my way to Grandmother and Granddad's because I knew that was a place that I would be built up and encouraged spiritually. If I was hungry to hear about Jesus I knew I'd hear about him there. Grandmother never tired of praising Jesus, and he was her favorite topic of conversation.

I really can't explain the impact that she had on my life. I'm not even sure that I know the extent of it. I do know though that both she and Granddad have served as spiritual mentors to me, and that I am enjoying now the fruits of seeds that they sowed. I am rooted in God's love like I have never been in all my life before this point, and I know that is a fruit of their lives.


Just minutes after I found out that Grandmother had passed into eternity, I was listening to a song by Buddy Greene called "I Don't Belong." As the song played, I just sat in the dark and thought of Grandmother. That song could have been about her. She didn't belong here. She was made for a better land and she lived looking forward to that land. But the chorus had the biggest impact on me.

The start of the chorus says:
I don't belong and I'm going someday home to my own native land.
I don't belong and it seems like I hear the sound of a welcome home band.

As I listened to those words, at that moment all I felt was thankful, because I knew that Grandmother really was home, and that she was finally seeing the face of her Savior, and that all around her were the sounds of "Welcome Home!"

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