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and the Powers of Darkness

Part Three:
The Guiding Light

Theophilus Cartoon

In Part Two Sketch Drawings faced rejection, depression, and hopelessness
as he struggled with pride, legalism, self-righteousness, family relationships,
financial problems, and personal failures. Then as he experienced
the unconditional love of God and recognized the presence of the Holy Spirit,
his own personal relationship with Jesus began.
Now the journey continues...

You will find Theophilus more meaningful by reading the episodes in sequence.
Each comic strip has a link at the bottom to the next episode.
A new episode will be added to the bottom of this list each Friday.

Sketch's Journal
The Yellow School Bus
The Doctor's Treatment
Sketch's Secret Place
Follow That Light!
Under Attack
The Wrong Number
Love and Submission
The Lost Keys
An Open Door to Pain
Storm Warning
Flood Waters Rising
A Clash of Wills
How Do I Take Charge, Lord?
Jesus Showed Me How
Honey's New Dishwasher
Let Go
The More You Give...
A Song in His Heart
The Birthday Gift
Wounded Brothers
Restoring Brotherly Love
Deceptive Dreams
The Submission of Husbands
He Was Right There With Her
And We Were Silent
Ready or Not
Mystery of the Open Door
His Own Trip With God
A family Spirit
On Hold

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