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and the Powers of Darkness

Part One:
Awakened by the Spirit!

Theophilus Cartoon

Our story began with Theophilus and the One True Church.
If you haven't already done so, we invite you to read a few of the cartoons
in that story and find out more about the book and CDs.

Now the journey continues...
Theophilus is awakened by the Spirit to the unconditional love of Father,
a personal relationship with Jesus, the reality of demonic forces and spiritual warfare,
and the presence of miracles and spiritual gifts.
Meanwhile Sketch and Honey Drawings and their children struggle with religion and family relationships.
Jesus will minister to them and to you as you read the following cartoons
and return to follow the weekly episodes.

You will find Theophilus more meaningful by reading the episodes in sequence.
Each episode has a link at the bottom to the next episode.

The Battle Plan
The Real Enemy
The Battlefield
The Family That Attends Together...
Someone He Needs To Know
Happy Birthday Honey!
"Only by My Grace..."
Always Ready With An Answer
Sketch's Secret Sin
Honey's Day Out
Awakened by the Spirit: Part 1. The Voice
Awakened by the Spirit: Part 2. The Gift
Awakened by the Spirit: Part 3. The Fleece
The Perfect Myth
The Absentee Husband
Sketch's Christmas Carol
What Headache?
The Great Kitchen Controversy
Sketch's Favorite Topic
Alone With His "Friends"
The Devil's Trap
Serpents, Butterflies and Evergreens
Teachers of the Law
Secret Romance
Lonesome Blues
Walking Talking Temples of God
Intellectual Pursuit
What Simon Saw
Hungry For More
Father and Son
Daddy's Little Girls
Back to the Drawing Board
To Obey Is Better
What's the Magic Formula?
Turn Your Radio On
Breaking the Silence
Redeemed from the Pit
God Is Sovereign!
Sketch's Financial Plan
In Search of the Blessing
Releasing His Tongue to God
Praying With His Spirit
A New Song
A Cry for Help
Doing Whose Work?
Lord, When Did We See You in Need?
Gospel Educator
Being His Own Boss
More Than Church Attendance
Taking the Show on the Road
Who Giveth This Woman?
A Dream Come True?
She Can't Go Home Again
The Church Computer Entrepreneur
Death in the Family
Never Say Never
A Time to Speak
Warts and All!
You Too, Theophilus!
Where Do I Tell the Good News?
The Mission Field
A Move Toward Unity
The Brotherhood Grapevine
Observing the Pattern
Christmas Hopes
Religious Neighbors
A Church Is a Church Is a Church...
SonShine Outreach
"Depart From Me..."
The Assignment
Women Be Silent in the Church?
The Confession
1 Corinthians 14:26 Today?
This Hug Is from Jesus
Peaceful Haven
The Great Depression
The Road to Recovery
Light at the End of the Tunnel
The Tempter's Snare
Turning Point
The Business Meeting
Lady Luck? Or Father God!
Seeds of Reformation
The Salvation Formula
Ready for Battle
Handwriting on the Wall
Testing the Spirits
Driven by the Holy Spirit
Iron Sharpens Iron
Washing Away Sins and Demons
The Refiner's Fire
The Great Commission
Legalism Exposed!
Born of Water and the Spirit
The Thief on the Cross
Warnings from the Lord of Hosts
A Wake-Up Call for Theophilus
Trust and Obey
A Glimpse of Heaven
Food in Hand
Part Two: Sketch's Spiritual Journey

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