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and the Powers of Darkness

Part Two:
Sketch's Spiritual Journey

Theophilus Cartoon

In Part One Theophilus was awakened by the Spirit to the unconditional love of Father,
a personal relationship with Jesus, the reality of demonic forces and spiritual warfare,
and the presence of miracles and spiritual gifts.
Meanwhile Sketch and Honey Drawings began their struggle with religion and family relationships.
Now the journey continues...

You will find Theophilus more meaningful by reading the episodes in sequence.
Each episode has a link at the bottom to the next episode.

View from the Pew
The Way of Jesus
A Jury of His Peers
Inspiration for Brother Ruler
Be Changed Inside
In the Midst of Two
A Wall of Suspicion
Lovers Not Lawyers
Withdrawal Pains
Wasted Years?
The Two Faces of Religion
Glimmers of Light
Love Lifted Me!
Time for Change
Who Is Really in Control?
Unholy Spirits
A Prophetic Dream
"I Heard Someone Who Sounded Just Like Me Say..."
The Search for Self Worth
Convicted by the Holy Spirit
Toxic Love
Helping God
You Are Loved!
Misplaced Priorities
Prayer 101
He Knows Your Name
Angry Words
Plant Seed, Not Pull Weeds
Supper On His Mind
Unleavened Blood
No Wine for the Supper
Nadab, Abihu, and Grape Juice
Down and Out
Brother Love and the Powers of Darkness
Inside Information
Flaming Arrows
Confess Your Sins
God Is Good!
The Visit
Dark Angel
Thoughts Smarter Than Me
Wait on the Lord
Tell Him Nothing!
A Test of Faith
An Answer to Prayer
Getting Comfortable with the Comforter
The Perfect Myth Revisited
The Sweetest Song This Side of Heaven
Manna Every Morning
Unfailing Love
A Rebellious Son
Why God Became Man
For God So Loved
Victory in Jesus
Enemy Territory
The Good-Luck Charm
Cleaning House
Sketch's Idol
The Last Day
Now Is the Time
Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak
The Final Issue
The Battle Plan Revealed
The Natural Order
Focusing on Jesus
Dark Road Ahead
Chronic Reminders
It's Healing Time!
Watching the Unseen Healer Work
Echoes of Painful Memories
Releasing the Past
What God Has Joined Together
The Gift That Wasn't
Speaking from Experience
Where Were You, Lord?
Time to Leave Home
The Airport Dream
The Interpretation
His Father's Pain
In Retrospect
Her Little "Prince"
Mission Impossible
Free to Love
A Letter to Dad
Overcoming Pride
Healing Generational Wounds
Wind, Fire, and the Spirit
Looking Down
The Lord Will Provide
Faster than Aspirin
Divine Commentary
Blessed Assurance
School Daze
Remember Jesus
True Friendship
Part Three: The Guiding Light

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