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I thought you might want to know the effect and timing of your cartoon The Submission of Husbands. My husband and I have always fought about submission. I finally realize I am not submissive to him. My prayers were answered when God showed me (by some fluke of the internet I came across your site while browsing and looking for something on "Submission"). For the first time in 26 years I realize that I do indeed need to consult with my husband before making decisions. Just as he must consult with God. Thank you. I see the need now to actually ask my husband about those decisions I have always made without him.

I guess I need to learn more about being a leader, too. When I felt I was right, especially when I knew God was leading me, either I put my foot down with my wife and did what I knew was right, or if she absolutely refused to listen, I'd warn her what the Lord had said and let her get into trouble. I guess I don't know what constitutes good leadership, as I am divorced now.

My marriage was so much like Honey and Sketch's Clash of Wills. Honey told Sketch, "All I saw was a spirit of fear." I know if that had been me and my wife, I would have immediately looked right at her and said, "All I see is an attitude of indifference, lack of self-control, childish irresponsibility, and psychological denial in refusing to face reality" -- which would have been the immature, stupid thing to say. But I am greatly bothered by the fact that I can't shake the feeling that Sketch really was right. He was being responsible.

It seems to me that Honey was trying to take the easy path and was in denial about the seriousness of the situation, not willing to discipline herself to do what was logical and sound, go straight home and forget the bread and milk. I guess I have to pray about it.

Hey, that reminds me: yesterday the Lord told me not to leave for work until His Spirit said so. He held me over until I was over twenty minutes late. I thought for sure I'd get fired. So then I am driving fast to work, and of course the whole time He was dealing with me about only trusting Him half way. When I got to work, everyone was stressed out because a freak ice storm hit during rush hour and there were auto accidents everywhere as cars slid out of control. It was a front page story in the Washington Post and Washington Times today. When I found out about the ice storm, God told me immediately, "If you had left when you normally do, you would have been caught in the midst of it! Now, learn to trust Me more! Just do what I say and don't question."

Concerning the cartoon about the dishes drying "by themselves": Science, the medical profession, etc., will tell you that yes, it is best to allow dishes to dry in the dish-drainer, and then to put them up without using a towel on them. The reason is that the clean towel has more germs than the air, so air drying is more anticeptic.

Perhaps the strip can show that when anyone is in an annointed place/position, and they pray for God's always needed help and they 'try to do their best', God showers them with His own help, even to the extent that they think and do what is right before they are aware of all the reasons that it is right.

Honey gets to learn on this one!

Once again I see myself and my journey in the life of Sketch. I wasn't sure where you were heading with the last few episodes dealing with leadership but this week's toon, A Clash of Wills, clarified it for me. I too am so weak in that leadership department. I think it's a universal epidemic with most husbands, to be honest. I am learning the real meaning of Godly leadership... as Jesus does, leading as a confident servant, with a willingness to be changed and transformed by God. My learning hasn't gotten quite from my brain to my actions yet. I pray that my awareness will cause me to change into the husband that I want to be.

So often, God hammers me from several directions on the same topic all at once. Sometimes it is for me, sometimes it is to equip me to help others. Time will tell which it is this time.

The latest "coincidence" is associated with this week's strip. I'm about half way done reading "Wild at Heart" by John Eldredge. The book is an examination of how a boy becomes a man from a Christian perspective, and how our culture and our churches have failed to produce men. I just loved an early chapter on how His creation reveals God, including what the basic nature of men and the basic nature of women reveal of God -- for each reflects a different part of God's nature since we are made in His image. The book moves on to explain how God ordained the "initiation" of men, the role fathers play, the role God plays, how to heal if one's father failed you, et al (hey, I haven't finished it).

I sit on the edge of my seat waiting to see how this Theophilus story thread goes, as I don't believe it is coincidence that this thread comes at the time I am getting to this book.

I just read this week's cartoon about Sketch feeling His Father's Pain. I experienced the same thing a few months ago. I was washing dishes and all of a sudden I got an image of my mother being so sad and broken emotionally and spiritually. I fell to the floor crying so hard. I tried to suppress it, but it didn't work, and from that I was able to see why my mother does some of the things she does, and how she feels sometimes. From her experience (she has siezures) she has become much more self-conscious, but also much more compassionate and giving towards others. She is able to appreciate so many of the little things that God gives to us that our family sometimes misses or overlooks. Thank you for sharing this story!

I don't know how to thank you for this site. God has been speaking to me over the past few months about my life -- which up until now was being filled with church work and ministry. The cartoon The Absentee Husband is just where I am in my life at the moment. I have wept today for the first time in years as I have seen how little I have done for my children and wife because I have been too busy preaching, studying, "doing more important things." I am not anywhere near being free, or resting in the unconditional love of God that you have discovered. I am 43 and hope that I can use the time I have left in this world to discover more about Christ and less about meeting other people's expectations and beliefs. I am in a church, but have no real friends, no one that I can trust or share with -- I think you can understand what I mean. I only found your site today and will return when I can, but thank you brother for sharing your insights.

Your new strip (Releasing the Past) reminded me of one of my own experiences, where I came out of many years of pain.

It began one day when I was on my way to my cousin's house where I lived at the time. God reminded me of one of my problems -- I almost couldn't do a thing without someone telling me how to do it. This was caused by much criticism from my mother, who always expected everyone to know exactly what she wanted.

I said to myself that I ought to tell my cousin; he was like a mentor to me. He and his wife had asked me that day to make dinner and I agreed, thinking they would be there to instruct me. But they were out when I got home. They had left a note that said I could start making dinner, they would come back soon. I was terrified!

So I decided to wait for them. When they arrived, his wife said to me, "Oh, you haven't started yet." When she said that, my heart almost broke with shame. But I didn't say anything. I took all the things I needed to prepare dinner and started slowly, asking frequently. When it was almost ready, I told my cousin about my problem and why I hadn't started making dinner earlier. He told me to pray to God and ask Him to help. I really wanted to, but suddenly I couldn't talk or speak. The shame from the past came to me again and I remembered all the bad things I had experienced when I had tried to do things by myself. My mother had called me an idiot and other terrible things when I had done something wrong. (I have forgiven her and today she has changed.)

I sat in a chair and just looked at the floor and began to cry. My cousin kept saying that I had to tell God all my problems, but I simply couldn't.

Somehow my cousin's wife knew that what she said had made me feel terrible, and she said she was sorry. My cousin told me to look at him. Just to look at him. It was so hard! Slowly I began to look up from the floor, but then he began to say, "Yes. That's good. Just a little bit more." I quickly looked down again, because I couldn't handle the positive words he uttered. I was used to the negative words my mother had used. I finally forced myself to look at him. I have never seen such a tender face. It was like looking into the Face of Jesus. I began to cry and cry and cry. It was so relieving. I felt so good afterwards. All the years of uncertainty and shame just poured away. I was so glad afterwards and I praise God for His Love toward me. He is so good.

You're the first person I've told about this. I really understand what you've experienced and admire your courage to tell about it. Thanks for your honesty. I thank God for you and your comic strip. Amen.

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