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Your strip on "Enemy Territory" helped concrete my decision to not take my nine-year-old son and six-year-old daughter "trick or treating." Every year since they were born, we participated in this annual ritual. Then this last year as I have walked closer to God, it was something I didn't want us to partake in.

We offered to take them to "Funscape" at the mall to play games, watch a movie, etc., and they were all for it. Then I received a call from another church member that our pastor was allowing us to have a Fall Festival for kids 1st - 5th grade. Lo and behold I mentioned it to my kids and instead of going to "Funscape" they decided on the Fall Festival.

The kids were allowed to dress up as biblical characters, which actually made it fun for them. Those who came had a great time with games, crafts and plenty of food and candy. We hope to be able to continue this festival to give others a better alternative to celebrating Satan's holiday.

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your comics. I had Theophilus-like experiences at churches I have attended through the years (being called heretic, removed as a teacher, etc., all for just asking sincere questions or humbly challenging the status quo assumptions).

I am particularly happy to see you dealing with Halloween in Sketch's comics. We long ago stopped participating in this "holiday" that is solely of Pagan origin and purpose. What grieves me, however, is that so many church institutions continue to play the harlot (so to speak) with the world by creating "alternatives" to Halloween -- like "Hallelujah's Eve" or "harvest/fall festivals." All it is is a compromise with Paganism and the world -- wanting to have one's cake and eat it too. My heart cries out, "WHY can't we just be biblical? WHY can't we just be pure and faithful and utterly repent of these corrupt and devilish practices/holidays? WHY do we keep capitulating to the world?"

If anything, shouldn't we just hold prayer meetings or door-to-door evangelism outreach on that night, rather than whitewashing it?

I really enjoy your comic strips. They have been a real inspiration to me for a long time. But there is a topic I have a concern with, and that's the subject of Halloween.

Why should we pamper our children with a Festival on Satan's day, so they won't feel so bad? Just tell them the truth. The Bible says the truth will set us free. If we teach our children to resist temptation now, when they are older and have stronger temptation they will be more able to stand.

So do we do and say the things of the world? The Word says "be not conformed unto the world but be transformed by the renewing of the mind."

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