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Ideas and Inspiration

"Do you ever run out of ideas or inspiration?"

The story of Sketch and Honey is what happened to Sylvia and I and our family. What you see happening to them on the net happened in our own lives beginning about 35 years ago. Things will get more difficult for them before they begin their struggles out of legalism and the Lord gets their attention about their relationships with Him and with each other. They will find out that He wants Sketch to be the servant leader of his family (the husband Honey has no doubt dreamed about) and Honey released of the leadership responsibilities that she has been forced into. That transformation will be interesting. Then we will see the Lord preparing Sketch for a unique powerful ministry.

Theophilus' experiences are also based on my own. He will spend some time alone with the Lord in Spirit school and then God will put him with a group He has brought together from different religious backgrounds. All have been wounded. The Lord will heal them, clean them up, and gift them to be used in a great spiritual awakening and revival. At least that seems to be where the Lord is leading, but I only know for sure one week at a time as He lets me know what the next strip should be.

As long as I follow the Lord's leading, use the ideas that He gives me, and then give Him all the praise, honor, and glory, I don't look to run out of ideas or inspiration.

"You certainly must have a broad outreach.
People really seem to enjoy humor. And when that is mixed with spiritual good sense--who knows what can happen?"

I'm overwhelmed with the way the Lord is bringing hurting people from all over the world to Theophilus' World to be ministered to. And He continues to minister to Sylvia and I and heal our relationship in the process. Every time Jesus leads me to do another Sketch episode, more of my flesh is crucified and another layer of pride is stripped away. There's lots of traffic on the site and it is increasing as more people visit, tell their friends about it, and come back regularly to follow the story.

"While reading your wonderful cartoons, I came across one that stated that Matthias was selected by the apostles through human intervention instead of Godly inspiration; that Paul was actually selected by Jesus; and that Matthais was never again mentioned in the Bible. Can you tell me where you got this information from. When I read Acts 1:23-26, I see that after prayer they cast lots instead of waiting for divine intervention. But where in the Bible does it ever show that Jesus selected Paul instead?"

In Acts chapter 9 Jesus appears to Paul (then called Saul) on the road to Damascus. Jesus tells Paul (in verse 6) to rise and go into the city where he will be told what he must do.

While Paul is in Damascus, blind and praying, Jesus tells Ananias to go to Paul. In verse 15 Jesus tells Ananias that He has chosen Paul to be His apostle to bear His name before the Gentiles, and kings, and the children of Israel. In Romans 11:13, 1 Timothy 2:7, and 2 Timothy 1:11 Paul acknowledges his call to be an apostle of Jesus.

There is no verse in the Bible that specifically states that Jesus chose Paul instead of Matthias. But we can read in the Bible where Jesus Himself chose His original 12 apostles, and we can read where the resurrected Jesus Himself chose Paul to be His apostle after Judas hanged himself. But we cannot read in the Bible where Jesus ever chose Matthias. Therefore it is not surprising to see no mention of Matthias again. On the other hand, most of the letters we call our New Testament were written by Jesus' chosen vessel, Paul.

Jesus did not choose Matthias. The disciples chose Matthias. The disciples were trying to help God replace Judas just like Sarah was trying to help God fulfill the promise of a son by providing her handmaiden, Hagar, to bear the child. That's what the Lord told me that morning as I listened to the preacher delivering his sermon. What I show happening to Sketch in the episode, "Helping God," is what happened to me back in November 1991.

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