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Sorcery, Witchcraft, and Wizardry

"I am a member of the Literary Guild Monthly Book Club, and I have always enjoyed the ability to order many Christian books through this service. There are lots of flyers included with the monthly catalog about different genres of books, and one of those included this month was for the Harry Potter book series. Along with all of the different types of things offered is a gift set called the "Teen Witch Kit." Included are a pentagram to wear around the neck, quartz crystal, a silver bell, an oracle coin, and a magic wish cord, along with a spell bag. I have never seen witchcraft so blatantly proffered as a toy to appeal to young women. I have read quite a bit about witchcraft, especially in my younger days when I was unsure about the reality behind it, and I know that all the things sold in this kit are dangerous when used properly. I had even been considering reading the series because I had convinced myself the spells in this book could be no worse than the witchcraft used in C.S. Lewis' work. But now I am convinced that I must drop out of this club immediately, and discourage anyone I can find from reading these books. If the books will arouse an interest in such things as witchcraft kits, they must be avoided.

"I don't know where you stand on the Harry Potter craze, but I do know from your most recent strips ('Enemy Territory,' 'The Good-Luck Charm,' and 'Cleaning House') where you stand on witchcraft in general. Take it from a former witchcraft dabbler and now devoted child of Christ, it is very real. And it is very dangerous. Please consider getting this word out in whatever way you can. Thank you."

Prayer Request: I am a child 21 yr old male, born in the Holy Spirit like 2 knit fingers close to God. I knew what my mission was then. But at age 8 or 9, God's power/protection left me for some reason (not my own sin) and suddenly i was left alone, a child before satan and a powerful witch (for a witch) my mom. I got lift up on thought power (witchcraft is so real, God has different history books than we) and I remember being beaten against the walls. I don't remember much. I also remember that I was in a place filled with fire. I got burned alive. However magic can make a black skin look like its healthy. I've been walking on scorched feet for 13 years now.

Some people with spiritual vision, of whom I knew were childhood friends, actually said that I, a white person, was black. I am also blackskinned in some of my dreams. Scorched black.

I remember falling down hanging above those stairs with immense fear in my heart and a lot of pain. I eclipsed. From a child made of glory, light, love, happiness, joy, faith, power, innocence, sight and amazing senses, and all else that is good, I became trapped in a closet of darkness, FEAR, sadness, false guilt, powerlessness, blindness, deafness and every kind of pain. and I got numbed. I do not feel my own pain.

When I focus on God, my consciousness gets brighter and I feel the pain -- but also God's spirit. The more people pray the fasting will heal. So please pray for me, as the Holy Spirit wishes, let all these lies satan put into me get out of me. Replace it with truth. I want to realise my own power with every cell of my body. And God's power. Help me to heal myself and ignore my supposed mother. Give me faith, hope, love, courage, truth, fearlessness, healing, and whatever the holy spirit tells you. Please think of me daily. Guide me on the right path. I do not sound so urgent as it is.

ps. This is what someone saw when she asked God what happened to me:

Dear (Name Withheld),

I meditated on it. I asked Christ to illuminate me about your story. This is what I saw:

I saw you being burned by having your hands and feet held to a hot radiator, as you mentioned. I saw you having your hair set on fire, with flames, and then being put out with water, but it was not clear who put the fire out, you or your mother or a third party. And the worst to me was the iron. I saw you being burned with a STEAM IRON, and got that she used that kind of iron because it gave the bigger pain, a pain that penetrated deeper and had more residual effect.

(A note from Bob: See Sketch's Bookshelf for more on this subject in books such as "He Came to Set the Captives Free" and other books by Rebecca Brown, MD.)

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