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Evil Spirits

"In 'Testing the Spirits' Theophilus' friend Joe says, 'I knew spirits could not read thoughts.' What is the scriptural reference(s) that support this statement?"

As far as I know, there is no scripture that specifically says spirits cannot read thoughts. But neither is there a verse that says they can. However, there are a number of scriptures that say that God knows our hearts (Luke 16:15 for example) and that Jesus (while on earth) knew what people were thinking (Luke 9:47 for example). But none that say anyone else had that ability. I think that is significant.

If spirits could read thoughts, then the spirits would have known that young Jesus was in Egypt when Satan (thru Herod) expected to kill Jesus by killing all the boys two years old and under in Bethlehem. (The same might be said concerning the whereabouts of baby Moses.) If he could read thoughts, Satan would also have known that his plan to crucify Jesus would be self-defeating.

The person Joe is based on may have been thinking along these lines.

"I was waiting for your latest episode to appear on screen when I was thinking to myself, 'Hmmm... maybe I should write to Bob and ask him what he thinks about demon possession' and lo and behold the comic is about exorcism.

I'm guessing that you're saying (from reading your comic) that people do get possessed today and that even Catholics can cast them out. I have to tell you that I agree with the former. I have a friend who was an 8th generation Satanist that is being set free right now. I've seen about 70 come out so far. God still casts out demons.

As for the latter... I've only seen Pentecostals cast them out, but hey if you say Roman Catholics can do it too, who am I to argue. I praise God for you and your spreading of the Truth."

It seems to me that a person is possessed by whoever possesses his or her spirit. When a person becomes a Christian, the Lord takes possession of that person's spirit and the Holy Spirit comes to live there. Although that person's spirit is now possessed by the Lord, the powers of darkness may still have footholds (even strongholds) in his or her soul (mind, will, and emotions) and/or body. While the Christian is not demon possessed, he could be demon oppressed, and need deliverance from that oppression. If a person does not belong to the Lord, the only other alternative is that he or she belongs to the devil. This would be especially true of those who worship Satan or dabble in the occult.

God can (and does) use Roman Catholics. We're all imperfect human beings. God looks at our hearts, not our outward appearances or the religious clubs we're members of. He looks for those who make themselves available to Him. But He is not limited to that. Remember the time He used a donkey to speak to Balaam? We're also told that He'll have the stones speak out if that's what it takes. God does what He pleases. It has taken me a long time to learn that.

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