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"I concur very strongly with what your cartoons depict. I have observed the pharisaic, legalistic tendencies of the 'brotherhood' for several years, including within myself. I so much want to capture the spirit and intent of Jesus' message and commandments without missing it for the letter. I think personal example (like that of Theophilus) is critical in combating this attitude. Thank you for the frames of encouragement!"

And thank you! I appreciate your words of confirmation and encouragement. To God be the glory!

"I am afraid that I find your theology utterly disturbing. Over and over again, I see the same sort of spiritual pride manifested by progressives who tag the rest of us as 'legalists' who are 'bound by our traditions.'"

I'm sorry that you find the account of how the Lord has been working in my life so disturbing. However, what has been happening in Theophilus actually happened in real life and the Lord directed me to tell my story -- "warts and all" -- on the internet. Reluctantly, I have obeyed. Since you do not approve, you may take the matter up with my Boss if you'd like.

"Your comic strips, unfortunately, can only achieve the depth of a rhetorical sound bite. There are many theological issues that require a deeper analysis than the 'think-so' of Bob West. Do you really believe that if Theophilus was an actual person, he could defend his beliefs in a protracted discussion with a conservative brother?"

Your so-called "conservative" faction of sectarian religion is not unique. All denominations have a problem with legalism (it just takes on different forms and labels), and yours is not the only one that thinks it is the "One True Church." Legalism is destructive to our relationship with Jesus and with each other. Jesus has called us to love Him and love each other, not become lawyers.

"I would really like to engage you or someone else over the work and worship of the church, role of women, instrumental music, denominationalism, Pentecostalism, etc. If God is really with you, then surely I can be set straight on these matters."

Lord Jesus has not called me to "set you straight." That's not my assignment. It seems to take a "Damascus Road" experience to change a teacher of the law. That's what it took for me. It may take that for you, too.

"I am a student of Psychology and Theology at Olivet Nazarene University. I just wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate your Theophilus comics. They are among the best religious cartoons I have come across. I appreciate the theological implications and ideas presented. Keep up the good work!"

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