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and the One True Church

Graphic: Theophilus and Associates

Travel with Theophilus and his friends on the road to freedom -- freedom in Jesus!
As the story continues from one cartoon to the next, you will find some
of the characters at different places in their spiritual growth.
Therefore, you will find the cartoons more meaningful and you will enjoy the journey more
if you read each episode in sequence.
Each cartoon has a link at the bottom to the next cartoon
(so you will not need to return here between each one).

We begin with a few episodes from the past. It's going to be an exciting journey!
Now let's get started...

A Rare Breed
The Sting of Death
Dating Technique
Brother Fairasee: Judgment Day
Talk of the Town
The Sick Among Us
Classic Evolution
The Good Samaritan
Unless You Become as Little Children
Medical Research
Pure Religion
Out of the Heart...
The Heavens Declare It!
Worldly Wisdom
Discovering Nebraska Man
Whose Job Description?
"Well, Shut My Mouth!"
Sing What?
Acts 2 Today
"On Second Thought..."
The One True Sign
Piece Makers
A Change in Focus
Taking Care of Business
A Living Sacrifice

Read the Book...
The cartoons listed above are just a few episodes from Theophilus and the One True Church.
The book contains many more Theophilus cartoons from 1966 to 1991,
plus Art Thompson's excellent review of church history and commentary on Theophilus.
Click here for more details about the book and how to get it.

Back to Our Story...
The journey is just beginning. There are many new episodes ahead.
Our current series, which is published here for the first time, is called
Theophilus and the Powers of Darkness.

Follow me. --Jesus

Thank you for visiting Theophilus' World! Please return to follow the weekly episodes as our spiritual journey continues.

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