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Rebecca and Bob engagement photo 2009

The Three Year Gift
by Bob West

I had been thinking about how little time Rebecca and I had together. Just three years! And the thought of three years had brought to mind Jesus' ministry -- the three years He spent with His apostles. But I quickly put that thought out of my mind. My focus was on me. Poor Bob! I had really thought Rebecca and I would be together many more years, so her passing was quite a shock to me.

Then on Monday, June 11, 2012, I received the following email:

Bob, that is a beautiful and tender obituary. Three years is such a short time to share mortal life with Rebecca, but that's how long Jesus shared his mortal life with the Twelve.

Our "hope of glory" grows ever sweeter, doesn't it?

In brotherly love, Harold Key

In my response to Harold I acknowledged his comment about the three years and then changed the subject. I did not want to think about the three years. It was too short a time.

Now it is Tuesday, June 12, 2012.

Last night I had a dream in which I received a blessing (represented by a dessert -- a delicious slice of coconut cream pie). I reached to take hold of it as I hurried past, but it slipped through my fingers. I turned to catch it, but it was already on the ground and dust had settled on it. I woke up thinking about the dream and wondered what blessing the slice of pie represented. Then Harold's comment about my three years with Rebecca came to mind. And I understood that my three years with Rebecca had something in common with the three years the twelve disciples spent with Jesus.

Now that I was listening, the Lord told me that His presence was so strong in Rebecca's life that my three years with her was much like the three years the apostles spent with Him while he was on earth. The significance wasn't just that in both cases it was three years, but by a very strong presence of the Holy Spirit Jesus had been living on earth (in Rebecca) with me for three years. Thinking back over the past three years I can see how true that is. But it wasn't until the Lord pointed it out to me this morning that I truly understood how fortunate and blessed I have been. And how much Jesus really loves me!!!

What an HONOR! And what a BLESSING!

And so I repent of thinking "Woe is me. I only had three years with Rebecca." Now, I rejoice that I had those three years with Rebecca who loved God (and me) with all her heart. She made it easy for me to be her servant leader. We were in alignment. I looked to Jesus for leadership and she looked to me. We were soul mates. We were kindred spirits. We were one with the Holy Spirit who was guiding our lives as directed by Jesus and Father God. I'm glad we had those three years together.

When I shared this with my daughter Suzanne who lives nearby, she responded with the following note:

Very true, Dad. I remember having a similar conversation with you during one of our drives to the Hospice hospital. Rebecca was truly a gift and a blessing to our entire family.

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