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Bob's Sunshine on the Mountain

Hello. This is Bob. I want to share our love story, personal photos and photos of our wedding in this section of the online memorial I'm doing to honor Rebecca's memory, but there is so much to put in such a small space. I hardly know where to begin and where to end.

Finally, I have decided to use Rebecca's own words. These were published in Bette Yates' Daily Christian Journal ( in 2009. Rebecca was an anointed writer, and I love what she wrote about me and about us. I am including a lot of photos too.

Enjoy. And be blessed!

by Rebecca

The first time I heard the words "Good Morning Sunshine" from Bob West, my heart melted. There was something very special about this man. As we became more acquainted, writing, and communicating on a daily basis, then meeting, we both knew in our hearts that something very special was happening between us. We felt God's loving hand on us. This beautiful, wonderful, miraculous relationship was escalating to more than just friendship. Our love for each other has grown beyond the boundaries of our imagination. Only God could orchestrate the deep love that we have for each other.

Bob says, "The Lord of the universe is directing our steps with His love." I agree.

So, an announcement is in order! Bob West and I are engaged to be married on July 25, 2009! God has smiled upon us with His wonderful favor and abundant blessings!

The sun shines much brighter and the world is a better place to live when you are in love. I am truly a woman in love with the most wonderful man in the world. I am so glad he found me. I thank God for him every day. Dare to dream! Dreams really do come true!

Photo of Rebecca and Bob at Looking Glass Falls

It is May 2009. Bob shows Rebecca around the neighborhood of her new home.
Here they are at Looking Glass Falls in nearby Pisgah National Forest.
(Photo by Bette Yates)

Photo of Rebecca and Bob at Pisgah Inn Restaurant

A little further up the mountain they dine at the Pisgah Inn Restaurant on the
Blue Ridge Parkway and enjoy the view of the mountains and valleys below.
(Photo by Bette Yates)

Photo of Rebecca and Bob at Pisgah Inn Restaurant

Bette Yates, Rebecca, and Bob. Much like the servant of Abraham who took Rebekah to his son Isaac (Genesis 24), Bette turned out to be the servant of God who took Rebecca to His son Bob.

Friday evening, July 24, 2009

Rebecca discusses the wedding music with sound engineer Tim Albright.

Destiny Church brings refreshments to aunt Rebecca, while Rebecca's nephew, Pastor Mark Church waits patiently.

Rebecca and her brother-in-law Fred Church practice the processional.

Bob and Rebecca rehearse their vows.

Okay Bob, that's enough rehearsal. You can stop now.

Bob got it right!

Rebecca and Bob dance the recessional.

Rebecca listens to the man she loves.

Rebecca with her favorite girl (niece Destiny Church).

Saturday morning, July 25, 2009

Bride Rebecca receives assistance from wedding coordinator Bev Albright.

Everyone's eyes are on Rebecca as her brother-in-law Fred Church escorts her
to the altar.

Rebecca pauses to present a special white rose to someone special, Bob's daughter Suzanne Gore.

Pastor Mark begins.

Bridesmaid Bette Yates, Matron of Honor Barbara Church, Bride Rebecca, Groom Bob, Best Man David West, Groomsman Jon West stand before Pastor Mark Church.

Barbara and Fred Church perform the special music: "Old Friend of Mine", a praise song written by Bob West, arrangement and composition by Rebecca, solo by Fred Church, and piano accompaniment by Barbara Church. Followed by a Piano Solo, "Rebecca, I Love You So", Composed and Arranged by Barbara Church.

"With this ring I thee wed, an angel here beside me. Just a moment more and heaven will be mine." (From an old Hank Snow song. Bob sang these words in a whisper to Rebecca, while Mark was waiting for him to repeat the next line of the vows.)

Rebecca puts ring on Bob's finger.

The kiss.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Bob West."

Mr. and Mrs. Bob West begin the recessional.

Portrait of the newlyweds.

Rebecca and her sister, Barbara Church.

The wedding party. Jon West, David West, Bob West, Rebecca West, Barbara Church, Bette Yates, and in the front row Isaiah and Destiny Church.

Family portrait. C. Fred Gore, Suzanne Gore, Jon West, Vickie West, David West, Bob West, Rebecca West, Fred Church, Barbara Church, Mark Church, Bette Yates, Jennifer Church holding Nicole Church, and in the front row, Isaiah Church and Destiny Church.

(All photos in this section are by C. Fred Gore except as specified.)

by Rebecca

The morning sun rose to kiss the clouds, and the new day that dawned was the most beautiful day of my life.

July 25, 2009 at 11:30 AM on the most beautiful Saturday morning Bob and I were united in marriage at the River of Life Family Church in Alton, Illinois. There was laughter, tears of joy, and a glorious celebration!

Bob West is truly the love of my life. My heart knew that love had arrived. My spirit soared! We are starting a new life together as God had planned for us from the beginning of time. This is the season to share our love and lives with each other. Our focus is on God and His perfect will to be manifested in our lives. We thank God daily for setting into motion our wonderful future together. I am so very proud of my husband. He has accomplished so much through the years. He has Godly wisdom and is a loving, caring, trustworthy man.

The beautiful words "Good Morning Sunshine" and "Hello My Love" will forever be etched in our hearts. God has been good to us! He gave us the golden hope of a love that we had held in our hearts and turned our lives around with that hope -- and gave us a lasting love.

You will know in your heart when true love arrives, as we did. Your heart will say, as mine did, "Hello My Love."

We are enjoying every day in our home in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. All glory and praise to God our Father for His love to us. We wish you love.

This is Bob again. Thanks for visiting Rebecca's website and this memorial.
God bless you!

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