Rebecca West: Words & Music

an autobiography by Rebecca Lynn West

Chapter 9

Prophetic Words And Dreams

May 2004. I finally agreed to sign the divorce papers that Gary was demanding that I sign.

Then in November of 2004 Marla Stuart, a close friend of mine, was asked to be a special speaker at a ladies' retreat at World Overcomers Church in Carol Stream, Illinois (Chicago area). Jim and Joni DiPalma are the pastors there.

Marla asked me to go along with her and sing at the retreat. I accepted this great opportunity, but I was still carrying the heavy weight of pain and heartbreak of my divorce. I sang at the ladies' retreat on that Saturday night.

I was asked to sing in the Sunday morning service. Benny Hinn's brother, Henry, was the special speaker that morning.

At the end of the service, Jim DiPalma was praying for people and I was one of them. Marla was standing beside me and Joni DiPalma was standing next to me also. Jim came over, prayed for me and spoke these words given to him by the Lord specifically for me. He said, "I will restore or replace for you the years that the locust has eaten -- the hopping locust, the stripping locust, and the crawling locust, My great army which I sent among you." I recognized this as the scripture from Joel 2:25, and I felt his compassion for me as he prayed. I will never forget it.

When Jim laid his hands on me, something broke inside of me and I fell to the floor, weeping profusely. I was so weak in spirit and physically as well. Some of the ladies gathered around me and continued praying for me. I am sure that some of those ladies had been in the same heartbreaking situation. I felt great compassion from them as they prayed.

God knew that I would be at World Overcomers Church in November 2004, and He gave the words that were spoken over me that day, giving me hope for my future. I held those words in my heart, for they were the promise that I desperately needed.

Remembering back to all of this, I recently wrote to Jim and Joni DiPalma and thanked them for their obedience to God. I told them how Jim's words from God in 2004 had come to pass in my life.

In 2008 my friend Bette Yates invited me to go with her to North Carolina to visit Bob West. Bette is the widow of Bob's cousin. For some reason I declined. I had traveled to Florida, Ohio, and Missouri to see friends, and I wanted to stay home for a while. I had no desire to travel at that time.(I know now that it was not yet God's timing for me to meet Bob.)

Bette went to the North Carolina mountains alone to see Bob. After she returned home, she told me that she and Bob were great friends, nothing more. She planned to go see him again the following year in May and she invited me again. This time I agreed to go with her.

Bette had previously asked me to write Christian articles for her website. I had never seriously written anything for a website. Earlier I had written my book entitled "Soaring On Angel's Wings," I kept a journal, and I had written a few poems just for fun. So I began writing articles for Bette's "Daily Christian Journal" website. These were mostly on subjects she suggested, such as divorce, divorce recovery, grief, rejection, plus a few other subjects relating to women. I believe that rejection is one of the most painful feelings in the world. I believe that it is one of Satan's biggest tools to keep us depressed and hopeless. It is Satan's desire to steal our joy.

It did not take me long to discover that I absolutely loved writing! It was very easy for me to write and express myself through these articles. It was a hidden talent that I had never developed. I would get up in the middle of the night to write, or make a note whenever a great thought came to me. This was the beginning of my serious writng career. I was hooked!

January 1, 2009. Marla Stuart gave me a word of prophecy at 12:20 pm on this day: "My daughter, this year revenge is mine, saith of the Lord, on all of your enemies and those who have hurt you. I will reward you and restore all to you. You have a faithful heart towards me and I will restore and reward you this year!"

And then on February 12, 2009, I "just happened" to email Bob West for the first time and thanked him for inviting Bette and me to his home. I realize now that it was divine destiny.

Bob graciously emailed me back. This was the beginning of many emails between me and Bob West!

February 22, 2009. On this night I dreamed and actually felt the Holy Spirit go all the way through my body! Then I broke into dancing and shouting in the Holy Spirit! It was powerful and real!

February 23, 2009. At our church leadership meeting at River of Life Family Church a dear friend of mine, Marilyn Pruitt, gave me a word from the Lord. She said, "This year, 2009, is your year. God is going to bless you and give you every desire of your heart. You have been faithful to Him. This is your year for all of God's blessings."

The emails between Bob West and me became long letters and I learned so much about him during this time. I am sure that he learned a lot about me too! Most importantly, I learned that he loves God with all of his heart! This was first and foremost to me.

I learned that Bob is a communicator! And I loved that. He went into detail on his activities for the day, and I felt like I was right there with him. I learned that he is a gifted artist and writer. He is the author of several books. And his essays and comics depicting the conflict between good and evil have been read daily on the internet by a worldwide audience since 1997.

Bob and I shared our entire lives with each other in those emails. I believe we knew more about each other than most people know about their spouses after dating them and being married to them! Honesty was (and is) our policy regardless of the outcome. We were compatible in every way.

In one email to me Bob wrote, "Good morning Sunshine!" It touched my heart more than anything I can think of. It spoke volumes to me that someone would call me their Sunshine. Bob has a way with words that captured my heart, and I knew without a doubt that his words come from his heart. Here is the email I received from Bob, dated May 6, 2009:

"Good morning Sunshine!

"It is time for you to wake up and light up my day.

"The Lord woke me up early this morning, apparently so I would have time to send you a note before I leave for town to attend the men's breakfast. I'm sure they will notice a difference in me today, for I am smiling from ear to ear. And I have so much to smile about. And why not, when we have the Lord of the universe directing our steps with His love!

"Okay, dearest precious wonderful darling sweetheart of mine, it is time for me to go down the mountain. I will return soon.

"All my love, Bob"

In a later email Bob said that God told him that the name God gave me is "Rebecca" not "Becky."

I shared some of Bob's emails with my sister, Barbara. She was mesmerized by how romantic he was! She loved it! Needless to say, I was mesmerized too! About the same time, Bob shared some of my emails with his daughter, Suzanne! Suzanne's first remark was, "Dad, she is speaking your love language!"

Bob said, "I know!"

Immediately she said, "Just don't ask her to marry you before you meet her!"

Bob and his first wife Sylvia celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2003. In June 2004 she became very sick with a terminal disease and Bob put everything else on hold and devoted all of his time to taking care of her. After several near-death experiences the debilitating disease took her physical life on March 25, 2007, and angels, who had been waiting by her bedside for 12 hours, took her to Jesus.

Bob is a very loving and caring person. He was still grieving from his loss and recovering from being a caretaker 24/7 for almost three years in 2008 when Bette invited me to come with her to visit Bob. The Holy Spirit knew that was not the right time for Bob and I to meet. Now I understand why I did not have the desire to come with Bette to visit Bob in 2008.

Bob had told some friends that he would never get married again! And I thought all men were jerks, and didn't mind telling them!

How would a woman in Illinois and a man in North Carolina ever get together? Did God have a plan for us that we didn't realize yet? I knew that Bob was someone special, but did not know what was ahead for me. The best was yet to come for both of us. God was "directing our steps with His love" just as Bob had said.

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