Rebecca West: Words & Music

an autobiography by Rebecca Lynn West

Chapter 10

"That Will Be A Yes!"

I was working part-time as the receptionist at River of Life Family Church. On Thursday, May 7, 2009, I was sitting at my desk and my cell phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and it was Bob West! I grabbed my cell phone and made a "gasping sound", then finally said, "Hello." Bob told me later that all he heard was the gasping sound! I was so excited! It was the first time I had heard his voice! I ran outside to the parking lot with my cell phone in order to talk with him privately.

Hearing Bob's voice was so wonderful. His calm "southern drawl" won my heart. There was such a sweet, caring sound in his voice that I had never heard before from anyone else. We talked for a while and then at the end of our conversation he said, "I am going to ask you to marry me, but I will wait until you get here so that I can do it properly, and get down on my knee. Then we can seal it with a kiss."

My reply was "That will be a yes!" We both laughed. We were so happy.

Of course, I immediately called my sister, Barbara, and told her that Bob and I were getting married. She said, "I told you so!" She was so happy... but not as happy as me!

A quote from one of Bob's emails to me: "Last night after I went to bed, I imagined that I was holding you in my arms. When I woke up this morning, you were still there."

Some friends of Suzanne's heard Bob when he said he would never get married again. A few days later, these same friends jokingly asked Suzanne if Bob was engaged yet. They were completely shocked when Suzanne said, "Yes. He is!"

Now to tell Bette of this new development! It really didn't seem sudden to us, but to everyone else I am sure it did. Even Bette did not know the extent of Bob's emails to me, or mine to him all of this time.

Bette Yates and Bob West had a lot in common because of their web sites and writing articles, but as it worked out, they had decided to just be friends when Bette visited Bob in 2008.

I am so grateful to Bette for the opportunity that she gave me to write Christian articles on her website. It opened the door for me to continue writing and using a talent that had been dormant.

After Bob's phone call to me, we emailed each other concerning how and when to tell Bette about our relationship. Bob and I decided that Bette should be told at once, before she and I made the trip to North Carolina to see him. I think Bob and I had actually forgotten the fact that Bette was not aware of our extensive emails or of our relationship. We were caught up in our own world.

My meeting with Bette went very well and we are still very good friends. She turned out to be the servant of God who took "Rebekah to Isaac."

The morning of May 2009 finally arrived and Bette and I headed out the door! We were on our way to the mountains of western North Carolina! I was on my way to meet the man that I was going to marry!

How would our first meeting go? What kind of impression would I make? I asked myself these questions, but I had an underlying peace about meeting Bob, and about all that God had for us in the future.

The Holy Spirit had it all in control.

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