Rebecca West: Words & Music

an autobiography by Rebecca Lynn West

Chapter 11

A Dream Fulfilled

Bette and I were on our way to North Carolina! The car was packed with a thousand (well, not quite) suitcases. Bette's dog Patzi was in the back seat. We drove all day, then stopped at a motel in Kentucky for the night and enjoyed a good meal at Cracker Barrel nearby.

The next day Bette called Bob and said, "Bob, I'm bringing Rebecca to you!"

We drove the rest of the way to Brevard, North Carolina, where Bob lives. We were almost there. Just two or three more miles! We were on State Highway 280 when it happened. We came over a rise and there it was: the most majestic scene I had ever seen in my life!!!

Remember the dream I had in May 2008 with the sun shining behind the tall mountains? In the dream I had been running through water and thickets, and then came upon the tall mountain with the brightest sun I had ever seen covering the whole sky! Well, here it was May 2009, exactly one year later, and I was looking at the real thing! I cried at the beauty and splendor of it all! My dream was a reality. This was just one of the ways God was showing me that I was where I belonged, and it brought such peace and joy to me.

We had agreed to meet Bob at McDonald's Restaurant in Brevard. Bob's house is "up the mountain" and he would lead us there. I was getting so excited as we entered McDonald's parking lot!

We drove to the back of the parking lot and there he was! He was dressed in black jeans, a green T-shirt and a black baseball cap, and leaning against the back of his Subaru Outback station wagon just as relaxed as I have ever seen anyone! My first thought was "This is a confident man!"

Needless to say, I was impressed!

We parked beside his car. Bette was in the driver's seat on the side facing Bob. Bob had not seen me yet. I got out of the passenger seat and walked around the back toward the side where Bob was already giving Bette a hug and thanking her for bringing me to him. When I got to that side I stopped and just stood there at the back of the car. Bob looked back and saw me for the first time. He told me later that it was as if I was saying, "Well... here I am!"

I just stood there. Bob walked toward me...

As women, we want to look good for the man we love. I wanted to look spectacular for Bob! I wanted to "knock his socks off!" For the last few hours before we arrived in Brevard, I was checking my hair, and putting on more make up and lipstick hour after hour. I was excited and wanted to make a great impression on this man! I remember I had on black dress pants, black tee top, and a beautiful burgundy jacket, with silver jewelry. I wore myself out fussing over how I looked! I was expecting him to say, "Wow! You're beautiful," or something like that when he saw me for the first time. But the first words out of his mouth were, "May I kiss you?"

And I said, "Yes."

I think it was the longest and sweetest kiss in history!

He seemed oblivious to my appearance! But knowing Bob as I do now, he was looking past the make up and clothes into the real me, my spirit.

I loved it. I felt so wonderful in his arms. I felt so much love and care there. It was exactly what I had longed for. He has strong arms and I felt as if I had waited for him all of my life. I had met my soul mate.

In his arms I was home.

Bob asked me to ride with him in his car to his house. Bette and Patzi would follow. Again he was just as calm and cool and collected as could be. I know now that his confidence comes from the Holy Spirit.

We began by driving through beautiful historic downtown Brevard. Bob wanted to give me a glimpse of my new hometown.

The drive up the mountain to his house was breath-takingly beautiful -- a majestic tree-lined road with 39 curves before reaching his driveway! I had never been in the mountains before, so for me this was all new and exciting! We talked all the way up the mountain as if we had known each other forever! Bob remained relaxed and I was so excited and probably talked way too much. Bob said I didn't talk too much though. He said it was perfect.

We drove up the driveway through the woods to his house. It was beyond anything I had dreamed of. I was home!

What happens next is so beautiful. Bob and the Holy Spirit had it all planned.

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