Rebecca West: Words & Music

an autobiography by Rebecca Lynn West

Chapter 12

We've Only Just Begun

Bob had designed the house himself and helped to build it. It is a woman's dream. I am sure that my mind was so much directed to getting more acquainted with Bob that I barely saw everything. I am also sure that I was being led by the Holy Spirit to the place where I belonged.

Bob and I and Bette took a tour of the house. Then Bob carried all of our luggage into the guest bedroom suite, which has twin beds. The full bath connected to the bedroom has all of the amenities of a luxury hotel. The accommodations were perfect.

That afternoon Bob took us to see Looking Glass Falls in nearby Pisgah National Forest. Bette took photos of Bob and me with the beautiful waterfall in the background. Then we drove on up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and over to the Pisgah Inn and ate at their restaurant. Our table was at the window where we could look out over the surrounding mountains and valleys below. We had a wonderful meal and a great time! On the way back we stopped at Dolly's Ice Cream Shop for the best ice cream I have ever tasted!

When we arrived back at the house later that day, Bob asked me to stand over by the dining room table. Thinking he just wanted to talk for a while, I pulled up a chair and sat down. Bob proceeded to put a cushion on the brick floor in front of me and got down on his knees. He began telling me how much he loved me and cared for me. He continued telling me everything that was in his heart for me, how he would serve and protect me, etc. And then he asked, "Will you marry me?"

I think I found it difficult to comprehend, because no one had ever said such wonderful things to me in all of my life. So I just stared at him! I was trying to take it all in, and he was wondering what was wrong!

There was nothing wrong. Everything was right. And finally, after I gathered my thoughts to all that Bob was saying to me, I said, "Yes!"

The next day Bob and I went shopping for our wedding rings. While we were in the jewelry store, the song "We've Only Just Begun" was playing softly in the background. We were so happy!

Bob thought of everything! The next day we had some photos taken of us by his son-in-law, Fred Gore, who is a professional photographer. Bob planned to use one or more of these photos to announce our engagement. He designed the card so beautifully as only he can. The photos were taken outdoors and the ground was slightly wet from rain the day before. Bob and I were slipping and sliding, trying to stand up! It was funny.

Bob added me to his cell phone service before we left Brevard so that he and I could talk thousands of minutes each month that we would be apart until the wedding without long distance phone charges.

One day Bob was showing me something on his computer, but instead of looking at the computer I was studying him. Then I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit say loud and clear, "You don't know one-third of what this man is all about!"

I was amazed and thrilled at these wonderful words, and later I would understand more clearly what God meant!

While we were still at the house that week, we talked about the wedding and our future together. The following is the information that was published in the newspapers in Alton, Illinois and Brevard, North Carolina.

Bob West / Rebecca Bucher Engagement Announcement

Rebecca Bucher, Alton IL, and Bob West, Brevard NC, are announcing their engagement and plans for a July 25th wedding.

Rebecca is formerly the co-host and guest co-ordinator for TV 50, Alton IL. She is an accomplished recording artist and author, and has traveled extensively throughout the United States in the music industry. Rebecca has made appearances on many television programs including Chicago IL, Miami FL, and TBN in California. Some of her personal appearances include the Jim Stafford Theater in Branson MO, Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis MO, as well as various women's retreats in Florida, Chicago, and many churches and auditoriums across the United States. Rebecca also attended the Lewis and Clark College in Godfrey IL. She now resides in Alton IL. She is the receptionist for the River Of Life Family Church,
where her nephew Mark Church is the pastor.

Bob West is the author / illustrator of the syndicated serial comic strips "Theophilus" and "Our Father's Children" now published on the internet and in print publications. He graduated from the New England School of Art and the Famous Artists School. During the 1950s he was an illustrator in the Air Force. In Florida he worked as an advertising artist for a national insurance company, a graphic designer for an aerospace corporation, and as an art director for an advertising agency. He also served as a freelance designer / illustrator
for Walt Disney World and other clients.

West has three children, eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

After their wedding at the River of Life Family Church in Alton, the couple will make their home in Brevard NC.

It was a wonderful visit and we both had so much to do in the following weeks. When I arrived home I hardly knew where to begin. I was living in my own apartment at that time. I had to decide what to keep, what to sell, and what to ship to Bob.

I decided to post a notice in both elevators of my apartment complex that I would be having a "sale" of furniture, etc. That same day people who saw the notice were knocking on my door before I even prepared. I had no problem whatsoever selling some of my things! I actually sold things that I had originally planned to keep. The demand was there and I decided to go ahead and sell what I could.

Next I spent time packing the things I wanted to send to North Carolina. I went to a store and bought bubble wrap and took all the empty boxes they had available to give away. I stayed up late at night packing box after box of clothes, personal items, etc.

By the time it was over, I was alone in my apartment with only my bed and my radio and the wedding was still almost a month away. I had already given my 30-day notice to release the apartment. I was telling Bob about this on the phone one day. He couldn't stand the thought of me being there in that apartment alone with only my bed and radio. I had planned to stay with Barbara and Fred the last week before the wedding. Bob encouraged me to go ahead and move out completely and go there right away. Barbara and Fred were in agreement and made arrangements for me and my bed and radio to move to a bedroom at their house.

While I was staying at Barbara and Fred's house, my niece Destiny would come over periodically. Every time my cell phone would ring, Destiny would say, "That will be Bob!" Needless to say, Bob and I did keep the phone lines busy!

Bob asked his son David to be his Best Man and his grandson (David's son) to be his Groomsman. I asked my sister Barbara to be my Matron of Honor and my brother-in-law Fred to walk me down the aisle and "give me away," and Bette Yates, who introduced me to Bob, to be my Bridesmaid.

All the arrangements had been made. It was a week before the wedding and Bob was on his way to illinois. On his flight he sat next to a woman who had a baby with her. The baby's name was Rebecca! God has a wonderful sense of humor and He knew that this would be a blessing to Bob on his trip to St. Louis.

Meanwhile, I am waiting for Bob at the airport...

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