Rebecca West: Words & Music

an autobiography by Rebecca Lynn West

Chapter 13

Together Again

Bob's flight to St. Louis arrived on time at 12:43 pm. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon on July 18, 2009.

I stood there waiting anxiously for Bob to walk into the area where everyone waits for the passengers. It seemed like a long time to me, but finally there he was, walking toward me. He gave me the sweetest kiss and hug.

Barbara and Fred were waiting behind the scenes. They wanted to wait until Bob and I had greeted each other before they met him. Bob and I walked over to them and the hugging started all over again. It was the first time that they had met Bob.

Bob and I went to retrieve his luggage. Then we were on our way to a wonderful Italian Restaurant, which Barbara and Fred had chosen for our special dinner that evening. We ate and talked and had a wonderful time! I felt so relaxed now that Bob had arrived.

After dinner we went to Barbara and Fred's home where we stayed until our wedding one week later. While we were there, I received a card from Suzanne, Bob's daughter. I want to put it in my story because it means so much to me:

"Hi Rebecca,

"Dad is so excited. You've definitely brought him back to life, and it is wonderful to see him so happy. I look forward to getting to know you better; you're an amazing lady.

"Love, Suzanne"

Suzanne and I have become the best of friends! In my opinion she is the amazing lady!

Bob and I had a very busy week of planning, visiting friends, relaxing, and taking care of business. Every day was a full day of things to take care of, but we still had time to relax on the patio and visit with Barbara and Fred. I am so glad that we had this very special time together with them.

On Sunday we went to church with Barbara and Fred so that everyone had an opportunity to meet Bob. I think everyone was anxious to meet the man that had won my heart! All of my friends at the church were so happy for me. After the church service, Bob and I went with Barbara and Fred to eat at the restaurant across the street. We had fried chicken and steak with all that goes with it! It was so delicious! What a great memory.

On Monday Bob and I got our marriage license and marriage certificate in Edwardsville, Illinois, which gave us the opportunity to eat at a new restaurant there!

On Tuesday we shopped for Bob's shirt and tie to go with his suit for our wedding. We went into Macy's and found exactly what we wanted within fifteen minutes! We chose a light gray shirt and a beautiful red and silver striped tie. It seemed that we had the favor of God in everything we needed to accomplish.

We also drove by Bethel Pentecostal Church building and parsonage (now a wedding chapel) and Bob saw where I lived as a child.

On Wednesday we went with Bette Yates to visit some relatives that lived in Bethalto. Truman Yates, Bob's cousin, was very ill at the time, so we prayed with him, and had a chance to meet more of the Yates family. They are very sweet people. I remember they showed us their garden, and when we started to leave they gave us their biggest and best tomatoes. They gave us the best they had. That touched my heart.

On Thursday Don and Martha Tennison, well-known evangelists, came to visit us and it was ordained of God that they came at that particular time. Bob and Don "hit it off" right away! They both love to talk! Of course Martha is a "laugh a minute," so she kept us all entertained! We love them dearly.

On Friday family arrived! Bob's daughter Suzanne and her husband Fred Gore came from North Carolina. Bob's son David and his wife Vickie and their son Jonathan arrived from Florida. We were so happy to have them all to be a part of our wedding. I have grown to love them more and more.

The wedding rehearsal went really well. I met with Tim Albright, the sound technician, to organize the music for the wedding.

Everyone was walking around, talking, laughing, carrying babies around, etc., etc. Finally I asked Bev Albright, our wedding coordinator, if she would get the wedding party together and "get the show on the road" so to speak. She said, "Absolutely!" And she did it very well! I was happy that the rehearsal was underway at last.

After the rehearsal we enjoyed a wonderful reception in the coffee shop there at the church building. The room was decorated beautifully! The food was delicious! There were huge platters of fruit, sandwiches, desserts, drinks and mints. All of the plates, cups and napkins were perfectly color coordinated. Previously, Bev had consulted me on the color of the mints. Every detail was covered and Bev did a first class job!

It was a wonderful week, but the best was yet to come.

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