Rebecca West: Words & Music

an autobiography by Rebecca Lynn West

Chapter 15

Sunshine On The Mountain

When the sun comes shining through the trees on our mountain, I wake to the dawn of another beautiful day.

Of course I did have some adjustments to make, moving to the mountains from a busy city! When I lived in Illinois, I lived in a one bedroom apartment on a very busy street and woke up each morning to the sounds of cars and trucks and trains! It does not begin to compare to the peaceful land that God has brought me to! And most of all, He brought me to a man that loves God with all his heart. A man that loves and cherishes me for who I am. A man who is true to his word and will never break my heart.

Bob has introduced me to many of his friends here in North Carolina. We were in a restaurant one day and a lady remarked to me, "You must be a very special lady to have won the heart of Bob West!" And I do feel very special and loved.

Before we were married, Bob told me that I could decorate our home just the way I like it. This was music to my ears! I don't think he realized just how much I love decorating! Now he does and he loves it too.

Our neighbors, including Bob's daughter, Suzanne, and her husband, Fred, live "down the road" from us. We love having family close by.

Life is a beautiful song, and as we dance to the music of our souls the music sounds sweeter than ever before. I am not dancing with a broken heart anymore, but with a happy heart!

Our honeymoon at Kentucky Lake was so beautiful! We arrived in the late evening when the sun was setting and reflecting its golden glow on the water.

After our honeymoon we drove to our mountain home.

The Holy Spirit has placed a deep desire within Bob and me to continue our ministries of writing and illustrating books and articles and publishing them on our websites and in print. Having my own website is a dream come true for me! I never thought I would have one, but Bob designed my website for me and put it on the internet. I am so blessed!

I am also enjoying some hobbies that I never had time for previously. One of my favorite is drawing pictures and painting them on canvas. Another hobby I enjoy is crocheting. I love reading too, and sometimes get lost in a good book. And since moving here to North Carolina, the Lord has given me opportunities to honor Him and bless others again with the singing gift He has given me.

As we look to the future, we know it is bright! Years ago Bob received a prophecy that said, "Your latter days will be the best." It is being fulfilled. Bob tells me that I am his Sunshine on the mountain.

As I sit here on our deck on this beautiful Spring day, I am surrounded by tall trees that seem to almost touch the sky. I am reflecting on all of God's promises to me and have found Him faithful. Every prophecy, every dream is coming true. God has shown me His presence here in so many wonderful ways.

In May 2004 I reluctantly signed divorce papers. In May 2009 I met Bob West for the first time. In May 2011 I am completing the writing of this book. To God be all the glory!

So this is my story of God's unfailing love. My journey has been long, but it has led me here to my sweet mountain home and the wonderful future that Bob and I are looking forward to.

From the words of my husband: "I have found a place of happiness. I have found it here with you." What wonderful words to my heart! My journey of life has led me here where the air is fresh and clean, and I can see forever!

From this majestic mountain I am learning to see everything from the Shepherd's point of view.

"The Lord Almighty is my strength. He makes my feet like those of a deer. He makes me walk on the mountains." (Habakkuk 3:19, God's Word Translation)

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