Rebecca West: Words & Music

Our Online Romance
by Rebecca and Bob West with the Holy Spirit

Chapter 3

The Sound of Laughter

When Bob checked his e-mail the next morning, he found the following note and photo waiting for him...

From: Rebecca
Subject: Rebecca -- Picture
Date: February 12, 2009 10:12:37 PM EST
To: Bob

Good Morning Bob ---

Here is a picture of me...

Portrait of Rebecca

From: Rebecca
Subject: Rebecca -- Good Morning!
Date: February 13, 2009 10:37:25 AM EST
To: Bob

Good Morning Bob ---

Have a fantastic day -- enjoy every moment!

I will write more later -- I want to read more on your site today. I just feel honored to be in contact with such an intelligent man.

I just had "ham and eggs" for breakfast. I am just a country girl at heart. How is the weather there? Did the picture I sent come through? Have fun today!

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Re: Rebecca -- Good Morning!
Date: February 13, 2009 11:57:39 AM EST
To: Rebecca

Good morning to you, too, Rebecca!

I feel honored to be in contact with you, too. You're so gifted!

Yes, I received the email you sent last night earlier this morning. Due to the time zone difference, I was already in bed by the time you wrote last night. Yes, your photo came through and I appreciate your thoughtfulness in sending it. You are a very beautiful lady.

The photos I sent of me were taken over 40 years ago. You may have seen the photo on the "Bob West" page on Bette's website. That was taken in 2007, so I guess I still look like that. Here is another copy of it...

Photo of Bob West

I was going to fix myself some bacon and eggs for breakfast this morning, but by the time I got in the kitchen I got lazy and decided a bowl of cereal would do. But when I finished with that, I decided to have a cinnamon raisin english muffin and coffee. I may take the time to cook the bacon and eggs for lunch or for supper. Or I may wait until tomorrow morning for that. I guess I'm still just a country boy myself, but I'm not much of a cook.

I'm glad you're enjoying my website. That blesses me. In the Theophilus comics and articles and comments section, you will see some of the struggles I went through in my life. The Lord wanted me to be vulnerable and tell it like it was, warts and all. I thought I was alone. So I was amazed when I heard from so many others during the past several years who said my story was such an encouragement to face what they were going through. From around the world -- made possible by the internet. I remember one lady in New Zealand writing that I was telling her story and she was amazed that someone on the other side of the planet faced the same problems.

I keep fairly busy myself. Mostly working on "Our Father's Children." A new episode each week. A few weeks ago I offered to send the new episodes out by email as I finish them (as well as posting them on the website) and got a good response to that. If you would like to be on the list, let me know.

Bette may have told you that she is going to co-write the script with me, beginning with the next chapter. That should give me more time to work on the illustrations and keep the story moving without any delays. There is so much left to do and so little time to do it. I don't know how much longer I will be able to do the art work. Actually, I'm amazed that I am still able to do it the way I do it at my age. I know it is only by the grace of God.

I'll close now and go ahead and send this. You have a fantastic day too, Rebecca. God bless you!

Bob's signature

From: Rebecca
Subject: Rebecca -- Packet to you
Date: February 13, 2009 3:52 PM EST
To: Bob

Well hello again Bob --

Your packet with my book and 2 cd's is on its way to you as of 1:48 p.m. my time. The postal clerk told me you should have it Tuesday. (since Monday is a holiday)

Please put me on your list (the top of the list) for your new comic strips. I will love getting them.

Isn't it amazing how God takes our "stories" and blesses people around the world? Just like the lady you were writing about that received your story, and how she related to it. That just shows us that God's plan and thinking is so much higher than our plans. As His children, He wants to see us soaring, and He is the one that lifts us up and promotes us, according to His plan.

Bette and I are going to a Valentine Party at the church tonight at 6 p.m. The big question of the day is -- "what to wear -- what to wear!!??" The 50's group is sponsoring this party for us 60 year olds. We had to find a picture of ourselves when we were much younger and give it to them. So this morning I found a picture of myself when I was in my 20's !!! My, how time changes things -- literally! (ha) But I have come to the conclusion that we can be beautiful at any age -- its the beauty within that counts. I spoke on this very subject at a ladies retreat.

Over the last 5 years, I have had the honor of travelling to Florida a couple of times and singing at ladies retreats, by the invitation of the key speaker at those events. God has truly shown me great favor because I have accomplished many things that I never dreamed I could do on my own. I thank Him every day for His love and blessings to me.

I must admit, a little tear rolled down my face today. I think its because it's Valentines Day. But I know my life is in God's hands, and He will give me nothing but the best.

Well -- I hope you enjoy the CDs , and enjoy reading my little book. I love christian music, but I also love jazz, easy listening, and some R&B.

Oh yes -- on May the 28th -- I am going to see the Gaithers sing with their whole team of other people at the Family Arena in St. Charles, MO. I am looking forward to that. I understand that Michael English is with them now, as well as Mark Lowery. Do you know of Mark Lowery? He is so funny! I will put his video on my list to bring with me. You may already have it.

Well, I will go for this time, and go stare into my closet and decide what to wear tonight. I am thinking black pants , black tee, and red jacket.

God bless you my friend. I am looking forward to meeting you.

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Re: Rebecca -- Packet to you
Date: February 13, 2009 4:24:31 PM EST
To: Rebecca


I was thinking earlier today that I should write you a note and say "Happy Valentine's Day!" So here it is:


I've seen Mark Lowery perform many times, some shows we saw in person and several video tapes, which I still have. I don't have Mark's comedy video, but I saw it years ago in someone's home. He used to be part of the Gaither Vocal Band.

You and Bette enjoy yourselves at the party tonight.

I'm looking forward to meeting you too.


Bob's signature

From: Bob
Subject: Fwd: Our Father's Children: Trouble between Wives
Date: Friday, February 13, 2009 3:42 PM
To: Rebecca


You're on the list now, but it will be sometime next week before I have another strip done in order to send out the next mailing. In the meantime I am forwarding you a copy of the episode I sent out this past Tuesday. Here it is...

OFC comic strip

Next Week: Ishmael


From: Rebecca
Subject: Re: Fwd: Our Father's Children: Trouble between Wives
Date: Friday, February 13, 2009 4:33:23 PM EST
To: Bob

Hi Bob,

Thank you for the strip.... I am really enjoying reading "My Father's Children".
It is excellent. My brother called me this morning from Washington and I told him all about you and Bette and your wonderful works.



From: Bob
Subject: Re: OFC
Date: February 14, 2009 5:58:44 PM EST
To: Rebecca

Hi Rebecca!

Glad you enjoyed OFC.

Did you and Bette enjoy the Valentine's Day party last night?


From: Bob
Subject: THANKS!!!
Date: February 14, 2009 6:13:07 PM EST
To: Rebecca


Thank you so very, very much for the two sweet Valentine's Day e-cards and reminders of God's love. How thoughtful! I appreciate it.

I almost didn't see them. My computer thought they were spam messages and sidetracked them. I just happened to look in that folder and checked to see what they were. I don't normally check that folder. I'm glad I did today. Anyway, that's why I didn't see them until now.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY again to you!!!


From: Bob
Subject: The Sound of Laughter
Date: February 14, 2009 6:41:42 PM EST
To: Rebecca, Bette

Dear Rebecca and Bette,

I had just finished sending a note to Rebecca, thanking her for the Valentine's Day e-cards. And I had asked if you two had enjoyed the party at the church last night. Then I went to your web site and there was Rebecca's latest article, "The Sound of Laughter."

I read the article and for a few brief moments I was able to hear "the sound of laughter" myself as I was at the party vicariously with you and could imagine the laughter and the happy colors in the room. And a tear or two rolled down my cheeks as I felt the Lord's presence and His love in a special way.

Thank you.

Brotherly love and blessings to you both,


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