Rebecca West: Words & Music

Our Online Romance
by Rebecca and Bob West with the Holy Spirit

Chapter 4

Stop the Doing, Begin the Being...

From: Rebecca
Subject: Rebecca -- Monday afternoon
Date: February 16, 2009 3:20:13 PM EST
To: Bob

Good Afternoon Bob -----
I hope you are having a fabulous day! I just sent an article to Bette for the web entitled "OUT OF THE BLUE".

It is cold here today -- but the sun is shining, so that's a good thing. I am at the church office today. Tonight I have exciting things to do like -- laundry and vacuuming! Sometimes I procrastinate, but when I am finished I feel great! I think I organize my closets every other week. My sister gets tickled at me because I am always doing that, and she doesn't have much time to do it because she has grandchildren that she takes care of every week. But, that is her life. She loves it.

What are you doing today? If you are doing "nothing" ... that is what I want to hear. (ha) I love doing "nothing" at times. Just being. I am looking forward to the trip out to NC! I know your place is beautiful. I think the fellowship and visit will be great for all of us. I just don't know if you can cope with two women in the house!!! Just kidding.

I am looking forward to having coffee and some great conversations. I know I can learn a lot from you. I feel honored to call you my friend.

Have a great day and we will see you soon!!
Special blessings to you today.

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose
This one's for you... Bob's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Rebecca -- Monday afternoon
Date: February 16, 2009 4:10:15 PM EST
To: Rebecca

Hi Rebecca!

You're funny! That second rose made me laugh. You make me laugh other times too. Especially when I "hear" you laughing -- when you add (ha ha ha ha ha) to something you said.

You love to rearrange closets? Good. You can help me rearrange a couple while you're here. Especially, the linen closet in the hall bath, which is loaded down with trays and lots of health products that came home with Sylvia the several times she came home from the hospitals. Some of it needs to be discarded, taken to the dump, or recycled if someone else can use it. So far I've avoided going though it. I only go into the closet to get towels, etc., or put some back after I do the laundry. But, seriously, I don't really expect you to use some of your vacation trip for something like that.

The weather here is interesting. Saturday and part of the day yesterday felt like Spring. Sunny, and fairly warm, even though the high temperature yesterday was in the 50s. It got down into the 20s early last night and we got an inch of snow. It is all gone now. Some more snow is forecast for Thursday, but if it amounts to anything I will be surprised.

I'm not exactly doing "nothing" today, but I am more relaxed than usual. I have worked a little so far on OFC, and plan to work on it some more when I finish this note to you. My goal is to not be deadline oriented (like I have been most of my life), but be at peace about what I get done, when I get it done, and how much I get done. Just listen to the Lord's leading and be responsive. Like (I think) you said, "Focus on Jesus."

I'm glad you're looking forward to your visit here. I'm looking forward to it too. Even if it does involve having two women in the house!!! Three, counting Bette's dog Patzi. Just kidding back at ya! It will be a nice change. I, too, look forward to the conversations. I'm the one who is honored. Thank you!

I have procrastinated about cleaning the house, except for a little here and there. Your visit will give me motivation I need to do some Spring cleaning. I think this year I will also wash the windows and screens. I thought I would begin the first of April. I should have it done by the time you and Bette get here. All except the bathroom linen closet (which is more like a hospital storage room).

I'll go to Bette's site and read your article now, and then get back to work on OFC.

BTW, thanks for the rose.

Keep smiling...

Bob Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Rebecca
Subject: Rebecca -- Linen closet
Date: February 16, 2009 4:38:39 PM EST
To: Bob

Bob Rebecca's Red Rose

See -- you are picking up my habits already.

Yes, I want to clean out your linen closet!! I am very good at "pitching things!" Everything that you are not using -- I will throw away!!!

It should be an exciting visit -- you are outvoted -- 3 to 1 ! (ha ha and ha)

More later !!!

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Re: Out of the Blue...
Date: February 16, 2009 7:59:57 PM EST
To: Rebecca


I read your good article, "Out of the Blue." It sounded so familiar. Maybe not the same situations, but like the way things sometimes happen in my own life lately. See -- you and Bette are writing grief recovery essays for men too. They're not just for women.

But I can see how some of the things you say would reach women more than men. But the Lord can use your writings for anyone.

You're a very good writer, Rebecca!



From: Bob
Subject: Re: You Have An E-card Waiting For You!!
Date: February 17, 2009 3:27:31 PM EST
To: Rebecca

Thanks Rebecca,

for your e-card. Yes, it is a beautiful photo and encouraging Bible verse. And yes, it did bless me. You're very kind and thoughtful.

I took a moment out to enjoy. Now to take a walk down to the mailbox and then back to work.

Blessings to you too...


From: Bob
Subject: THANKS!!!
Date: February 17, 2009 6:40:21 PM EST
To: Rebecca


The first time I went down to the mailbox, there was no mail. The carrier had not been by even though it was late afternoon. So i went again at 4:45 and there it was! The package you sent.

I have finished reading your book, but will read it again later. My heart really went out to you as I read your story, and tears flooded my eyes. I think my heart even went out to your husband as I imagined his loss too, and what the devil has stolen from both of you. And I am so proud of you for the way you have let the Lord restore you and use you to minister to others. Sister, may God even yet bless you more than you can now imagine... even though you are already soaring on angels' wings.

I have only listened to a couple of your songs so far, but from the first moment I was and am so impressed! I love your singing and the music. THANK YOU !!!

The reason I stopped the music is that I'm going to go upstairs and fix something to eat for supper. I will take one of the CDs with me and listen to it while I prepare the food and eat. Then I plan to come back down to my studio and work on OFC some more. And I will listen to your beautiful voice and music while I do that.

But first, I decided to stop and write this email to let you know your package arrived, I am honored, and I am blessed. And will continue to be blessed by your generous gift.

God bless you, Rebecca, with a special measure of His marvelous love and amazing grace!!!


PS. I remember hearing someone sing "Roses Will Bloom Again" several years ago. I loved the music and the message of that song. After reading your book, now I know why the rose (fully bloomed) is part of your signature.

From: Rebecca
Subject: Rebecca -- publish this
Date: February 18, 2009 3:50:56 PM EST
To: Bob

My latest article to Daily Christian Journal.

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose


How big is your faith?

Luke 17:6 says: The Lord said, "If your faith were the size of a mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree, 'Dig yourself up and plant yourself in the sea,' and it would obey you." (New Century Version)

All it takes is a little bit of faith to move mountains in your life. I have learned that the more I know God, the more I trust Him. Therefore, it's easy to have faith in Him. Think about it. If you really get to know someone, spend time with them, talk to them, and listen to them, you start having faith in them. You feel as if you can tell them anything, and they will still love you.

That's the way it is with our heavenly Father. When we start spending time with Him, we can talk to Him just like we do our best friend. Our faith starts building up and it becomes very easy to have faith, not only in Him, but for the things we are praying about in our personal lives and for others.

My mother was a lady of great faith. She told me when I was a little girl that God can do anything, and I believed her. And I am so glad I did, because those words have meant so much to me during the difficult places in my life. Being a pastor's wife my mother faced many things in her life that other people may not have had to deal with, but she knew where her strength came from and she believed that she could overcome anything in her life. Her faith became very strong in God, and she passed that great attribute on to me. When I needed healing in my body and in my emotions, I reached out in faith to God for what I needed, and He was there every time. When I was going through the biggest trial of my life, my divorce, my faith in God brought me through. If it had not been for God in my life, I would not have made it. I know that for sure. God was my refuge and strength. My hope for tomorrow.

Hebrews 11:1 says, "Faith means being sure of the things we hope for and knowing that something is real even when we do not see it."(New Century Version)

I earnestly encourage you to have faith today. It will build your hope for a bright tomorrow, and increase your confidence in God and in yourself. It is a wonderful way to live, having faith, hope and confidence in a Mighty God who loves you and desires to bless you with the very best in life.



From: Rebecca
Subject: Thank you
Date: February 20, 2009 12:32 AM
To: Bob

Hi Bob --

Thank you for sending me the new OFC strip! Excellent!!! You are a terrific artist! I really mean it. You are truly gifted to do all that you do.

I have been so busy lately with working 3 days a week at the church office, music practice, Wednesday night class, then coming home and catching up on laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc., etc.

You know how it is I am sure, but I go with the flow of things and have no set schedule of doing things here at home. I sure love being at home. I think its because I have traveled so much all these years.

I told Bette that I almost feel better writing on my book. I can flow better with my writing when there aren't so many guidelines and restrictions like there is with Daily Christian Journal. She edits my articles which causes more work for her, and sometimes gives a different "feel" to what I want to say. But I will continue to write from my heart, because that is what I enjoy. I just have to be free to be me and write what I feel.

I am excited to start on my new book. I am gathering notes, etc. for it now. I want to entitle it "Make Every Day Beautiful." In one of the chapters I want to write about beauty tips for women! So we will see what happens. I know I can always improve.

I am sleepy -- going to go to bed. And I am rambling on. Thanks for sending your article to me. I really appreciate getting to read it right from you. I am honored.

Sleep well -- I will write more tomorrow.

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Update from Bob
Date: February 20, 2009 3:03:16 PM EST
To: Rebecca

Hi Rebecca!

I've been busy too. Still am. But it is a good busy. Even so, I've thought of you often and prayed for you, and I've been listening to your beautiful music (you're a terrific artist yourself) and being blessed by it. I listened to and enjoyed your Christmas album too, but I prefer the other one right now. Maybe I will prefer the Christmas album when it gets closer to Christmas. Anyway, your singing and the music is inspirational and such a blessing. During one song in particular last evening, I felt a strong presence of the Lord surrounding your music and words. So strong, in fact, that my eyes got watery and a tear ran down my face. I can tell that you have a very close relationship with Him and He has a special place in His heart for you. Thank you again for sending me those albums. And your book too.

I was gone almost all day Wednesday. And even got up a couple of hours earlier to begin with. I noticed in the bulletin Sunday at Joy Outreach that Richard Jennings, one of the pastors, would be at Quotations Coffee Shop Wednesday morning for a men's get-together from 8 until 9. I decided to get up and go to that even though it was cold outside and pouring down rain. I'm glad I did. We met in a little meeting room in the back. Richard did most of the talking, but the Lord prompted me from time to time to say something to reinforce Richard's points, and at one point I was surprised to see myself reaching my hand out to Richard and pronouncing the Lord's blessing on him. I know it must have been the Lord, because I never even thought of doing it, and I could tell that it blessed Richard. He is the one who gave me the message from God during the service Sunday ("Stop doing and start being...") Also, near the end of our time together, I was prompted by the Lord to give the testimony about how God worked to bring Sylvia and me into alignment with each other and with God the Father and Jesus. That, no doubt, was for the benefit of the younger husbands there who needed to know, or be reminded, that the way a husband leads his wife is by being her servant, just as Jesus washed his disciples feet and He was their leader. You can read more about that experience, if you're interested, by going to and reading the essay, "Bob Remembers Sylvia," in her online memorial.

After that I called Larissa, my granddaughter from Missoula, Montana, who came home to go with her mother, Suzanne, to Florida to visit relatives. They're back. She will return to Montana tomorrow. We decided to have breakfast together at Julie's Subs & More. We enjoyed a long breakfast and talk together, and then she asked if I would like to go to Pisgah Forest (3 or 4 miles down the road) to take a walk on the path beside Davidson River. I said yes, and we did. So we walked the loop there (about a mile) and continued to talk. It was lunch time by the time she dropped me off at Julie's where I had left my car, so I decided to go in and eat a chicken salad sandwich for lunch while I was there.

Then I went to the bank and cashed a check, to the barber shop to get my hair cut, and then to Dollar General to get some cards. (BTW, when is your birthday?) From there I went to the library and checked out some movies on DVD to watch. (They let me get 3 movies and I can keep them for a week.) Then I went to the grocery store before returning home. After I put the groceries away, I came downstairs and sat at the computer, but I was so tired and sleepy that it was difficult for me to think or get interested in doing anything, so I went back upstairs and leaned back in my recliner. After a while I got up, popped some popcorn and settled back down to watch a movie.

Yesterday I worked from early to late on OFC, finished up this week's episode, sent out the OFC mailing, updated the web site, made backups of the computer files, and printed out the reference page of the strip I just finished for my notebook and penciled in the file names, and reference information. It was around midnight by the time I went to bed, and I had planned to sleep late today, but woke up a little before 8, which is about average for me these days. I got an email this morning from Churchmouse Publications, a web-based syndicate that serves the Christian community with materials for publications, etc. They are almost ready to let Christian organizations know what they can supply for their publishing endeavors and they said they want to open with Theophilus. They need me to send them the high-resolution computer files of all my Theophilus cartoons so they can offer them to their customers. That was a pleasant surprise, and will keep me busy this weekend getting the art files ready to send. And I have been busy ever since.

Gonna close now. I want to write to Bette too, and thank her for re-writing my bio on her site and making it longer. She did a good job. I want to give her an update on what has been happening here as well.

Oh, I'll mention one more thing. Before I heard from you that first time -- the e-mail you sent to introduce yourself -- I had heard Bette speak of you several times, and she always called you Becky. So I was used to you being Becky instead of Rebecca. But you signed your name Rebecca. Even so, I started to call you Becky one time and the Lord told me, "No. Rebecca is the name I gave her. It has a special meaning. Call her Rebecca." So, I have, and will continue.

Something else -- you wrote (in the note you sent with the package, I think) something about you soon to be my friend. As far as I'm concerned, you've been my friend. You are my friend. My special friend. But I think I know what you meant. And I'm looking forward to meeting you in person too.

Brotherly love,


From: Rebecca
Subject: Rebecca -- Good night...
Date: February 20, 2009 10:39 PM EST
To: Bob

Dear Bob --

I was just re-reading your e-mail and wanted to say how happy I am about the offer from Church Mouse Publications to you. How exciting! Praise God!

My birthday is October 26, 1943 (You had asked me.) When is yours?

I am getting ready to go into and read "Bob Remembers Sylvia."

Say a little extra prayer for me if you would. Sometimes I cry and I don't know why!!

Seems like it hits me sometimes -- out of the blue. God has been showing me very recently to shut and lock all doors of the past -- and -- use wisdom to all counterfeit people that satan puts in my pathway that would try to interfere with my lifestyle and what God is doing in my life. In fact, He gave me a dream the other night concerning this. I will share it with you when I see you, if not before.

God is so faithful.
Goodnight for now --
Many blessings to you --
and may God's Joy be with you -- and in you.
Faithful friend,

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Rebecca
Subject: The Process of Grieving, by Rebecca
Date: February 21, 2009 11:00:44 AM EST
To: Bob

Good Morning Bob --
I just sent this article to Bette for publishing. I wanted you to read it also since I had told you that I had a dream. God always has spoken to me through dreams my whole life.

He is so good.

Blessings to you this day, and thanks for all of your prayers for me. It is wonderful to have faithful friends like you and Bette. I love you both dearly.

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Re: The Process of Grieving, by Rebecca
Date: February 21, 2009 11:47:40 AM EST
To: Rebecca

Good morning, Rebecca!

I never could see the file you wanted me to see. Maybe you could do a copy and paste it into an e-mail to me. I really do want to read it. (BTW, beginning in July 1991 the Lord has given me hundreds of significant dreams. It is good to know that you receive dreams from Him too.)

I really appreciate and am blessed by all the nice things you say, and it blesses me to know that I have a part in encouraging you too. Thanks for the email you sent last night and the one this morning.

I feel the same way about you and Bette as you feel about us. I love you both very much. And I, too, am really looking forward to your visit and meeting you.

I'm right in the middle of preparing a CD of Theophilus to send to the syndicate. I'll write more later.


From: Bob
Subject: Your latest article
Date: February 21, 2009 1:53:52 PM EST
To: Rebecca

Hi Rebecca,

Just a quick note to let you know that I just went to Bette's website and read your latest article. What a great dream the Lord sent you. He knows what symbols to use that will be meaningful to us and lets us participate in making the application. Good message too. Good for you.

Gotta run. Will write more later. Have a great day!


From: Bob
Subject: God's Word to me last Sunday
Date: Sunday, February 22, 2009, 4:34 PM
To: Rebecca, Bette


Last Sunday (February 15, 2009) at Joy Outreach Fellowship after praise and worship, Judy Jennings (one of the pastors) left her seat on the front row and entered the pulpit. Everyone was seated. Her husband, Richard, also a pastor, remained standing in front of his seat on the front row. The following is a transcript of what happened next.

Judy: "Holy, holy, holy... Glory, glory... (pause)

Judy (to Richard): "Have you got a Word?"

Richard (pause): "Yeah..." (still standing in front of his seat on the front row)

Judy: "You think you do???" (pause)

Richard (approaching the pulpit to receive the portable microphone): "Oh, man! I've got something... (rest of comment inaudible on the recording)

Judy: "Iron sharpens iron."

Richard then walks all the way across the front of the auditorium and turns up the aisle I am sitting on. I am sitting near the back. As he came up my aisle, the Lord made me aware that he was coming to me. When he arrived, I stood and he reached and took my hand.

Richard: "Bob -- I love you, brother. When I shook your hand this morning, the Lord said for me to say to you, 'Stop the DOING and begin the BEING in Me, says the Lord.'"

Judy (over her microphone in the pulpit): "Amen!"

Richard: "'Lay aside every weight that easily besets you and look unto Me, the author and finisher of your faith. I've called you forth in this hour to speak forth My truth in love. Receive My grace and enter into My peace, says the Lord. Bring forth My truth as a new born babe, wrapped in...'" (hesitating)

Bob: "Swaddling clothes?"

Judy and entire congregation: (laughter)

Richard: "Right! 'Swaddling clothes made of love!' I don't know how you make clothes out of love, but we're clothed with His love and righteousness. He is saying, 'Stop the DOING and begin the BEING in Me, says the Lord.'"

Judy: "Amen!"

Bob: "Thank You, Lord! And thank you, Richard."

(End of transcript)

From: Rebecca
Subject: Re: God's Word to me last Sunday
Date: Sunday, February 22, 2009, 11:17:42 PM EST
To: Bob

Bob! That is truly beautiful!! Hold it in your heart forever ... and in your spirit.

I love the part --- "start being in Him" Not just being, but begin being in Him. What a wonderful word!!

A couple of nights ago God gave me the dream of shutting the door of the past and locking it. I think I shared this with you? Then last night I dreamed that the Holy Spirit came upon me and I was dancing and shouting (physically) in my dream. I was so joyful!!

I talked to my sister just now and she said what I am "feeling" during the day when I cry, its not really a sad cry, its a "humbling of my spirit toward God". That's exactly what it is. I just feel so humbled that God shows me these things. Barbara, my sister, said that God has so much planned for me, and He is humbling me to prevent any pride that could come in. I really believe this.

My sis and I are very close. She is more than precious to me. She is truly a prayer warrior -- and seeks God daily. She has always "been there" for me my whole life. I have always 'been there' for her too.

I must close for now ..... blessings and love to you.

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

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