Rebecca West: Words & Music

Our Online Romance
by Rebecca and Bob West with the Holy Spirit

Chapter 6

Hugs and Blessings

From: Rebecca
Subject: Rebecca gets a card!
Date: March 5, 2009, 5:43 PM
To: Bob

Dearest Bob ---

I just got home and there was your letter! The envelope is so pretty, I looked at it a long time before I even opened it. The card is so beautiful! The blue birds and the blue butterflies and the little blue flowers, and the little watering can, and the tube of paint that has "blue skies" on it, and the wreath of blue flowers and butterflies, the paint brush, and the little drawing pencil ----- ..... I love it !!!!! Thank you, Bob, for the check... I truly appreciate it so very much. God bless you for that. May it be returned to you a hundred fold. Again ----- thank you from my heart.

Love and many many blessings -----

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Re: Rebecca gets a card!
Date: March 5, 2009, 10:08:49 PM EST
To: Rebecca


I wish I had words to describe how good it made me feel to read your description of the envelope and card. I thought I had picked it out for you, but while reading your response I realized that God had helped me pick it out and He was there with you when you received it to share your joy. We're BOTH (God and I) so pleased that it blessed you as it did.

Much love and many blessings right back at ya,


PS. Your third-person subject titles tickle me. :-) They're like chapter titles for a children's book. Very creative, and makes me feel young again.

From: Bob
Subject: Where is Rebecca?
Date: March 7, 2009, 10:04:53 AM EST
To: Rebecca

Good morning!

Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday.

I took some stuff to the county recycle and distribution center. Then had the buffet lunch at Pisgah Fish Camp. And got a bottle of Saw Palmetto capsules at the health food store before returning home.

Don't remember anything really significant that I did other than that (if you can call that significant). Oh yes, I printed out some more cards that promote my website, that I can give people who are interested in reading my comics. And cut them apart (there are 10 on each 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of card stock. I listened to you singing while I did this. I am really enjoying your CD.

And I watched a western movie on DVD that I hadn't seen before. Mainly just relaxed and rested. Listened to the satellite radio some and read a little too. And I slept late this morning.

Now, I guess I had better go upstairs and eat some breakfast before it gets to be lunchtime.

God bless you, Rebecca, my special friend,

Dr. Pepper

From: Rebecca
Subject: It's Saturday morning and Rebecca is finally awake!
Date: March 7, 2009, 10:51:25 AM EST
To: Bob

Hi Dr Pepper!

Good morning to you! I haven't been up long -- I have been drinking some hot tea that I picked up at the health food store yesterday -- along with some vitamins. I guess we were both thinking 'healthy' yesterday. So this morning I had my coffee while my tea was brewing -- I don't know how healthy that is!!! I got marshmellow tea and dandelion tea -- supposed to be very good for everything.

I think your idea of printing some cards is an excellent idea! I am glad that you are still listening to my CD ... thank you. You are such an encouragement to me, my dear Bob.

My goal is to start practicing more to keep my voice in shape. I was thinking about that yesterday, and it's like the Lord reminded me of this gift He has given me ... I must not let it go. I want to be the best I can be for His glory in everything I do.

Yesterday --- it was very warm here --- and I opened all of my windows, and started sneezing like crazy and my nose started running! It must have been the pollen in the air or something, but I felt tired anyway, so I rested most of the day, which I am going to do again today!

It is very warm here again today, which is very nice, but unusual for this time of year. The sun is shining, which I love.

Have a great day, my friend. I treasure your friendship so very much. You are an encouragement and inspiration to me!

I will now have a late breakfast myself. I am trying to eat more fruit, and behave myself, which is difficult for me!

Enjoy the day!
Dr Pepper --- You are great !!!!!!
Love and blessings and a Saturday morning hug!

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: By the way...
Date: Saturday, March 7, 2009, 1:59 PM
To: Rebecca

Thanks for that Saturday morning hug! It was a blessing...

Have a wonderful, restful afternoon.

Love, Bob

From: Rebecca
Subject: Saturday night notes from Rebecca
Date: Saturday, March 7, 2009, 7:33 PM
To: Bob

Hi Bob!

I slept on my sofa all afternoon! I took some ibephrophen and it relaxed me and got rid of my headache. I am starting to feel better, but I am staying home tomorrow too. I have learned that I require a lot of rest. I have always been that way, even as a child. I have been watching the inspiration network on TV in between naps today.

I am drinking some hot tea that I bought yesterday. I am trying to convince myself that I like it! I would much rather have a great cup of good ole' coffee!!

Have a great Sunday -- and I am glad the hug blessed you. We all need a little hug sometime. When I get lonesome, as we all do at times, a hug would feel really great.

What do you do when you feel like you don't belong to anyone?
I think I feel like that right now.
But I will be okay.

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Re: Saturday night notes from Rebecca
Date: Saturday, March 7, 2009, 11:16:08 PM EST
To: Rebecca

Dearest Rebecca,

I'm sorry you're not feeling good. I'm giving you a hug right now.

I would have done it earlier, but I haven't been at my computer and haven't seen your e-mail until now. (It's 11 PM, which means it's really midnight considering the hour we will lose during the night.) After supper I started watching a movie, but only saw a little of it. My son David called and we talked for quite a while. Then Suzanne came over to bring me some food and to visit. She cooked today for some kind of get-together she is attending tomorrow. I don't remember if it is church related. I think it is something else instead that is happening tomorrow evening. She cooked some extra so that she could share some with me. Some chili, some potato salad, and I don't remember what else. And she stayed to visit a couple of hours. Which is unusual, for she is usually so busy that she doesn't stay long.

I understand about feeling like you don't belong to anyone. That is what I was feeling like early this week. Remember, I shared that experience. I wasn't feeling like there is a place for me now. You had some good advice for me, as I remember. Maybe you could go back and read what you wrote to me. The main thought that came to my mind when I read your question is, "We belong to Jesus." I know you know that. I also know that knowing that doesn't necessarily make you feel any better. What I do is try to stay busy. Try to keep my mind busy, so I don't dwell on it. But those lonely moments still come, no matter how busy we are. At least it seems that way.

Just received your latest e-mail. You're going to bed. I'll go ahead and send this. Maybe you will get it before you turn the computer off. I will write more tomorrow.

Sweet dreams,

Bob (alias Dr. Pepper)

From: Reebecca
Subject: Hi Dr Pepper!
Date: Saturday, March 7, 2009, 11:11:48 PM
To: Bob

Hi! Sorry I sounded a little lonesome or "down" in my last e-mail.
I am fine now .... I started counting all of my blessings.
Thanks for being such a faithful wonderful friend to me.
We set our clock up tonight!!!
Good night for now -----
Love, blessings and hugs!

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Rebecca
Subject: Sunday Morning With Rebecca
Date: Sunday, March 8, 2009, 12:08 PM
To: Bob

Good Morning Dear Bob!

Thank you for the hug -- a hug a day never hurt anybody! I really needed that hug yesterday for sure! You are so kind to come to my rescue, but that's what friends are for, and you helped me so much by sending the hug and words of encouragement. You are truly my treasured friend! (mutual admiration society)!!!

Are you familiar with that song by Dion Warwick -- "That's what friends are for"? It's one of my favorites -- an oldie but goodie! That's when Burt Bachrach was playing for her.

Anyway -- I am feeling better today. I had a restful night. I hope you did too. I stayed in this morning. I just felt like I needed some more time to get rid of this runny nose!

We are supposed to get a storm here later today, but the sun is shining now.

I do not like to miss church. It just gives me that special motivation -- hearing the word, and being around people.

This apartment building has 5 floors, and I am in the front of the building on the 2nd floor. (I think I told you before.) But I can see everyone going in and out. Very interesting! (ha) A friend of mine from church just moved in to the apartment building -- she is on the 5th floor. She loves it here -- trying to get settled in. I really like it here too. We have a library, a post office, a laundry room, a front sitting area with round tables, a large community room with soda machines and a large screen TV, and a small kitchen area for coffee, etc. Also, the front door is well guarded, which I really like. I don't know how I got started on that! Anyway ----- There was another comment on my article, "Make Every Day Beautiful -- The Road To Recovery"! I was thrilled. I have sent a thank you to them by way of Bette. That was a nice surprise this morning. God knows what we need right when we need it. He is so faithful.

You are right --- staying busy is a big key! Thanks for all you mean to me.

Keep up your great work --- it is wonderful. What a gift. I am telling everyone about your work. I am honored to be a part of your life.

Be blessed today, my friend. You are so valuable to me --- and to God. He thinks you are special -- and so do I.

Sunday hugs,
Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Re: Sunday Morning With Rebecca
Date: Sunday, March 8, 2009, 1:55:59 PM EDT
To: Rebecca

Sunday hugs right back at you, Rebecca!

I enjoyed your e-mail. I'm glad you're feeling better. With me the feeling we were talking about comes and goes. It's just part of my new life without Sylvia. Suzanne, our oldest, was here two or three hours last night and we talked about a lot of things. She is one of the ones I gave your CD to. I told her that I had been reading "Intensive Care: A Real-Life Story of Divine Intervention" yesterday for the first time since I wrote it in 2005. It is on my website. It is the book I was writing about Sylvia's near-death experiences and recovery before she got so sick again later. I only had 4 chapters finished. One crisis after another! Needless to say, I shed some tears. But I also told her how that I have been laughing a lot lately. For example, I said a couple of nights ago as I was leaving my studio, I looked over and saw the pink stuffed poodle that someone had given Sylvia while she was in the nursing home shortly before her death. (I had named him "Pinky" and told everyone how he stole my heart when I looked down and saw him looking up at me with a look of admiration and a smile on his face. One of those times Sylvia had smiled and said, "You tell that story differently every time you tell it.) Anyway, as I was leaving the studio a couple of nights ago, I looked over and saw Pinky "looking at me" and I said, "You really miss her too, don't you, Pinky!" Suzanne and I both had a good laugh over that.

It was midnight when I went to bed last night. It was 11:30 when I got up this morning. So, yes, I did stay in this morning. In bed, that is. It was 12 noon by the time I finished my exercises and got dressed. I decided to just eat some cereal and banana, and wait to have some of the ham and potato salad later that Suzanne brought me.

Your apartment sounds like a nice comfortable and safe place for you to live. I'm glad you have that.

Thank you for all your encouragement concerning my work. I am blessed that the Lord has been preparing me all of my life for this and has given me the assignment. I know that whatever is good about it is from Him. I give Him all the honor and glory.

And thank you for saying all the nice things you said about how I encourage you. You and Bette both are such special friends of mine. I am glad that the feeling is mutual. Truly the Lord has arranged it so that He loves each of us directly, but also lets His love flow through us to each other.

I mentioned that some of the things you say make me laugh and make me feel young again. Only this time it is a joyful experience. I did not have a happy childhood. I did not feel loved. My parents did the best they could, but my dad never felt loved by his father and could not give what he never received himself. As I was growing up, he was still trying to "earn" his parents' love. In the process my mother felt emotionally abandoned by my dad and looked to me, a little child to fill that emotional void. (If you have read the "Theophilus and the Powers of Darkness" series of cartoons, you have seen what happened as the characters re-live my own experiences. More of the story is told in those autobiographical sequences.) Several years ago God gave me a "bear hug." It seems that now He is continuing to heal that "unloved child" within me. I am blessed to tears sometimes when I feel His awesome presence. And that almost always happens here at home. Very seldom in a church service.

Thank you for spreading the word about my work and the websites. I know that the Lord will use what He has done through me to bless them. Oh --- just thought of something. I'll tell you one more thing before I close.

In one of the episodes of Theophilus, I show a man telling Theophilus about seeing handwriting moving across the wall with the words, "I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and I want to speak with you." The person writing to me said that as he was reading that, he thought, "Why doesn't God do something like that for me?" Then he heard an audible voice saying "What do you think I'm doing right now." He said it was awesome. I thought so too.

Have a beautiful day, Rebecca!

Love, Bob

PS. I don't really drink all that much Dr. Pepper. More often I drink sweet iced tea. But I get a kick out of being called Dr. Pepper by you. BTW, you have spoken of tea that you got at a health food store. Sylvia did that as well. I never did drink it (or hot tea) myself. So there are a couple of boxes of that kind of tea in the pantry -- Celestal Seasoning, I think the brand is, at least for part of it. So you're welcome to use it while you're here if you wish.

From: Bob
Subject: A prophetic dream from the Lord this morning
Date: Monday, March 9, 2009, 11:15 AM
To: Rebecca, Bette, Suzanne

Good morning!

This morning I woke up early, but didn't get out of bed. And I'm glad. I went back to sleep and received a dream from the Lord. When I woke up, I remembered everything in the dream very vividly, which hasn't happened in a long time. As I thought about the meaning of the dream, I was and am very encouraged.

In the dream I had been asleep and I was waking up. As I looked around at my surroundings, I realized that I was in a barracks (similar to some I had lived in when I was in the military. It was a big open room with a row of single bunk beds lined up on two walls. There were both men and women in the room, but mostly women. The first thing I saw happening was a woman entering the room. She had a bullwhip and she was popping it toward a bunk that had a man in it. I said, "Stop. Don't do that."

I expected that she might turn and use the bullwhip on me, but she didn't. She left the room. I asked the man if she had hurt him and he said, "Yes."

By now I was sitting up on my bunk (in the dream), and I looked and noticed a woman sitting on the side of the next bunk over on my right. I did not recognize anyone in the dream, but some seemed to know me. At least, this woman did. I asked her if someone was in the restroom. She said, "Yes." We all seemed to be waiting for our turn.

A woman at a bunk across the aisle asked about a graphic design to represent a telephone. I quickly visualized a silhouette of a traditional phone with a removable handset, mentioned that, and laughed thinking that should have been obvious. Then I quickly realized that times have changed, and held my cell phone up as a visual aid and suggested that a better symbol would be a rectangle with rounded corners and a little antenna on one side and a keypad in the middle.

As soon as I woke up, I remembered this dream and the interpretation seemed clear. I believe the barracks we were in represents the fact that we are soldiers for Christ in a spiritual war with the enemy. We have been sleeping. It is time to wake up. While each of us are waiting for our turn to go to the rest room (Heaven), there are changes happening. It seems that my purpose is to help others treat each other better, and communicate differently.

That is what it seems to me. If the Lord gives you a word concerning this, please let me know.


Have a great day in the Lord,

Love, Bob / Dad

From: Rebecca
Subject: Re: A prophetic dream from the Lord this morning
Date: Monday, March 9, 2009, 12:57 PM
To: Bob

Hi Bob!

I will definitely read this dream again when I get home --- but you are absolutely right in your interpretation! The thing that really "stood out" to me was the fact that YOU were the one who implemented the CHANGE in the dream. God gave you this realization for change and you brought it forth. In the dream "times have changed" and "there are changes happening" that are very significant I believe. God has given you the interpretation. I believe it means changes emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Changes on this wonderful exciting road to recovery --- to total victory and manifestations of the Holy Spirit in your life. How wonderful that God showed this to you!!! I am rejoicing!!!

Love and blessings and victory in the name of Jesus!!!

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Re: A prophetic dream from the Lord this morning
Date: Monday, March 9, 2009, 1:49 PM
To: Rebecca

Hi Rebecca!

I'm working on OFC. Noticed your responses and stopped to read them. This is a quick note of thanks before I get back on OFC. You blessed me with your encouraging words of confirmation and new insight. THANKS!!!

Until soon...

Love, Bob

From: Rebecca
Subject: Re: A prophetic dream from the Lord this morning
Date: Monday, March 9, 2009, 9:52 PM
To: Bob

My dearest Bob ---

I am watching PBS and they are featuring the music of David Foster and a lot of the singers he has promoted and produced. I love them all!! (Michael Blubla, Celine Dion, Kenny Edmonds, Brian McKnight, Buzz ... all romantic songs of course. I am a devoted romantic!!! I could listen to these people night and day! I just need to get the CD. Okay, now you know that about me!!! (ha)

I had cottage cheese and strawberries and a banana for dinner. And Oh yes, I had pineapple juice too! I started thinking about pineapple juice at the church and got so thirsty for it! Sure is good!!!

Josh Grogan is singing "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" now on TV. It's a beautiful song. Next he is singing "You Raise Me Up".

I hope you accomplished everything you wanted to do on your work today.

You are such a dedicated person --- I admire you! That's why you are so good at what you do --- it is your passion. Heartfelt and God-given.

So --- I will say goodnight --- I will be up for quite a while yet. It's only 8:45 PM. I will be up until 10 PM at least. It takes me a while to unwind before I go to bed.

Sweet dreams --- and may the wonderful angels in heaven guard you through the night. Keep Soaring On Angels Wings -----

~ Soaring Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Re: A prophetic dream from the Lord this morning
Date: Monday, March 9, 2009, 10:52:29 PM EDT
To: Rebecca


It is 10:40 (9:40 your time) PM. I just got home. I watch "24" from 9 to 10 every Monday night. Fred called me before it came on and asked if I would like to watch it with him on his high-deinition large flat screen with surround-sound (like in the movie theaters). I said yes and went over. Suzanne fixed me a bowl of ice cream and later some popcorn.

I almost went directly to bed when I got home, but decided to check my e-mail first. Thanks for writing.

I don't recognize some of the singers you mentioned, but the music sounds great. I love "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" and of course "You Raise Me Up." And the rest of the selections no doubt.

What you had for dinner sounds delicious too.

Thank you for all the kind words of encouragement.

I guess I had better say goodnight and get to bed so I can get an earlier start tomorrow for a change. So...

Goodnight, Rebecca. Sweet dreams!

~ Soaring Bob

From: Rebecca
Subject: Tuesday
Date: Tuesday, March 10, 2009, 10:38 AM EDT
To: Bob

Good Morning ~ Soaring Bob,

Isn't it something what music can do for a person? I just enjoyed that concert on TV last night so much.

Anyway -- I am at the church office again today. This is my full day here -- then practice tonight. Wednesday night I am singing "IN THE PRESENCE OF JEHOVAH" off of my CD -- before the classes start.

I have been reading your OFC --- and reading Theophilus, which I love. Another girl friend of mine has started reading it too and is amazed at the talent you have.

The other office girl just walked in with a bowl of fruit for me. Her name is Bev and she is awesome. An office genius!

Have a glorious day and keep soaring and keep your smile on!!

Tuesday hugs and blessings to you! Remember your dream and make every day beautiful. Sorry I was so down the other day. We know it is satan and he has lost the battle. We are victorious through Jesus! We keep moving forward.

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Re: Tuesday
Date: Tuesday, March 10, 2009 2:19:52 PM EDT
To: Rebecca

Happy Tuesday, Rebecca!

When you sing your songs in church, do you have a CD with the background music (and backup singers when applicable) that you use as your accompaniment?

I'm glad that you and your girlfriend are enjoying my comics. Did I tell you that Theophilus is mainly based on my family's experiences and our spiritual journey? I stopped drawing Theophilus in 2002 in order to begin writing and drawing "Our Father's Children". It has been almost that long since I looked at any of the strips (other than to publish them in a book), but over the weekend I read some of them and was amazed at how much better they looked to me than when I was creating them years ago. "Only by the grace of God..." I also read some of the comments that I received from readers back when I was doing new episodes. I was blessed and encouraged so much that I had to keep wiping tears away from my eyes.

I have made a lot of progress on this week's OFC today. The black and white work is all done. Now begins the coloring and the technical work to finish up.

Gotta run... Bye for now,


From: Rebecca
Subject: Re: Tuesday
Date: Tuesday, March 10, 2009 8:00 PM EDT
To: Bob

Hi Dr. Pepper!

I am home --- getting comfortable and relaxing. We decided not to practice tonight. I am glad.

I use accompaniment tracks when I sing. Sometimes my sister plays the piano for me, but very seldom.

It is raining here --- a great night to stay home...

I have been asked to start a singles over 55 group at the church. I have been meeting with my little group of singles, mostly one or two at a time, because of their work schedules, etc. But if I organize it, we would meet once a month. Then today --- a lady came into the church for a meeting with Mark and she asked me if I would start a Divorce Recovery Group! That would meet once a month also.

I am going to set up a meeting with Mark and talk to him about all of this. My sis says "go for it!"

I will see. If I had some help, it would be easier, and I think I could count on another person or two to help me.

Well ----- I think I will rest for now.
Bye for now, Dr. Pepper!
Thanks for all of your e-mails. Love them all.

Sending a rainy day hug -----
Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Bob had a good day!
Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 4:21:02 PM EDT
To: Rebecca

Hi Rebecca!

It is 3:30 PM and I am finally getting around to my e-mail. Thank you for yours. I agree with your sis regarding the ministry you have been asked to do with the over 55 group at church and the divorce recovery group. "Go for it!" Maybe you could get some help with that, which would be good for all concerned.

As you know I made good progress on this week's OFC and finished it yesterday, a couple of days early compared to last week. After I e-mailed that and posted it on the website, and made backup copies of the files, and printed out copies for my reference notebooks, etc., and finished supper, I decided to "crash" in my recliner in front of the Tv and watch the end of the Paul Simon concert on PBS. Art Garfunkel joined him for "Bridge Over Troubled Waters." I really like that song, especially the part where they harmonize. After that John Denver was on and I watched a couple of segments of that (it was part of UNC-TV's fund drive; 15 minutes of entertainment, 15 minutes of asking for donations, and then repeat...). I enjoyed that too. Suzanne had some of his albums when she was in high school and college in the early 70s. I am more impressed with his singing 20 years later than I was back then. Mybe my listening ear has improved, or his singing has improved, or both. Anyway, I really enjoyed his performance last night. I went to bed around 11.

I got up early this morning to be at the downtown coffee shop by 8 for the men's fellowship. Not many there this morning, but it was an awesome time. The Lord is definitely a part of this.

Then I went to Julie's for breakfast, and to Dr. Dungan's (chiropractor) office and asked if they could work me in. Laverne, his assistant, said I came just at the right time, and they took me on in. This is the first time I've been in almost two years. (I think the last time I went was shortly after Sylvia passed.) I made them a gift of the OFC book. They responded appropriately and said how good it was. :-) I made another appointment for next Wednesday at the same time. And I may go one more time after that. And that should be enough for quite a while. (I really enjoyed seeing them again. Laverne said they have been asking Suzanne how I'm doing when she came in for her adjustments. They're really nice. Like family.

I stopped at the bank to withdraw some cash. From there I went to the post office to mail a Rebecca CD to granddaughter Larissa in Montana. Then I got a few groceries. And stopped by Wendy's drive-thru for a 99 cent double-stack cheeseburger to eat after I got home, for it was lunchtime by then. They charge for senior drinks now, so I just waited until I got home and drank a bottled Dr. Pepper with my sandwich.

As I was finishing lunch, a 1940s episode of "Gunsmoke" came on the Classic Radio channel on XM-Satellite radio. I listened to that and an episode of "The Six-Shooter" starring James Stewart (c. 1950s) that came on after that. I have been sitting at my computer ever since.

How's that for an exciting life!

Now it is time to walk down to the mailbox and see if the carrier left anything. We have another sunny, warm day here today. Forecast for tomorrow is rain and turning colder. Will probably stay in the 30s and 40s on Friday. But so far this week we've enjoyed springtime weather with the windows open.

Love and blessings from your special friend in North Carolina,

Smilin' Bob

From: Rebecca
Subject: Rebecca --- Wednesday night
Date: March 11, 2009 11:35:20 PM EDT
To: Bob

Hello my dear friend -----
What a day you have had!!! I could hardly keep up with you by just reading all that you did!!!

I just got home from church --- ate some crackers --- and now getting ready to call it a night. Our class went really well --- the attendance was down a little. Some people were sick or out of town, etc, etc. We had a good time though. I sang "In The Presence of Jehovah".

I am glad you enjoyed the TV program ----- and your radio programs. It's always great to be able to enjoy music or programs we really like.

Bob, I could not begin to do all that you do --- technicallly and otherwise! You are blessed with the intelligence to do all of the "technical stuff"!!! (ha) I salute you!

These concerts on the PBS TV station are good --- but like you said --- it is 15 minutes of programming then 15 minutes of raising money for the station. I think "Yanni Voices" are on now. Very beautiful.

I must close for now --- I will be at the church in the morning by 9 am --- and I am not a morning person --- so its a challenge for me, but I enjoy it. If I get up and walk directly to the shower without thinking --- I am okay! ha ha ha

Good night -- my friend in North Carolina!
May tomorrow be another beautiful day for you.

Hugs and blessings!

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

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