Rebecca West: Words & Music

Our Online Romance
by Rebecca and Bob West with the Holy Spirit

Chapter 8

I Felt Very ALONE

From: Rebecca
Subject: Rebecca at work
Date: March 19, 2009, 11:23 AM
To: Bob

REBECCA Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Re: Rebecca at work
Date: March 19, 2009, 12:30:37 PM EDT
To: Rebecca

Good afternoon, Rebecca!

Thanks for your e-mail. And the hug! O happy day and a hug for you too!

I finally got around to working on this week's OFC. Worked on it all morning. Made a little progress, but much much more to do. I have missed my arbitrary deadline, but I'm not going to worry about that anymore. It will all get done "on time" whenever that happens to be.

I didn't feel very good this morning. It seemed like I was getting a toothache or an ear ache, not sure which. But it seems okay now.

It is lunch time so I guess I need to take a lunch break. And then get back to work on OFC. Hopefully I can make some more progress.

Beautiful weather here. Sunny, 65 degrees. I'll take a break from the computer and walk around my yard some. I really need the exercise, and ought to do more of it.

Now to go to the kitchen upstairs and figure out what's for lunch...

Love, Bob

From: Rebecca
Subject: Re: Our Father's Children episode
Date: March 20, 2009, 9:43 PM
To: Bob


You have done it again! Excellent work!!!!

So proud of you. There is no one else doing exactly what you are doing.

God has trusted you with this wonderful gift.

I love reading your comics! You make the Bible come to life!! I can't even imagine the hours you put in on these, for everyone to enjoy.

Have a restful evening. Hope you got my other e-mail.

Love and Hugs!

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Bob got a card!
Date: March 20, 2009, 10:05:18 PM EDT
To: Rebecca

Hi Rebecca!

Thanks! You keep on with that kind of talk and you're going to give me a "big head."

I'm very, very tired. I thought about waiting to finish this strip tomorrow, but I was so close to getting it done that I kept working. Now I want to make a backup of all that work onto an external hard drive before I quit work for the night. And then I'll probably stop by the kitchen for a snack before I go on to bed. (That apple and peanut butter sounds good.) I may just have a cup of hot chocolate while I relax a few minutes. I may sleep late tomorrow, and then take it easy all day.

Yes, I received your other sweet e-mail when I checked my e-mail a few minutes ago. Thanks! That cross God made with clouds and the message He gave you was exciting. I can understand your reaction. God and His love is so amazing. Amazing grace! Everything about Him is amazing. Yes, I think you should write that article about The Cloud.

BTW, I went down to my mailbox this afternoon and guess what! I got this really nice "Thank You" card from someone named Rebecca! What a nice surprise! Thanks!

That's all for now... Goodnight... Sweet dreams... Thanks for the hugs...

Love, Bob

From: Rebecca
Subject: Rebecca -- Saturday Morning
Date: March 21, 2009, 12:41 PM
To: Bob

Good Morning Dr Bob (excuse me, I mean Dr Pepper!)

How are you this morning? I slept in this morning, and now I'm relaxing with my coffee. I need to do some laundry today sometime.
I think this will be another restful day for me. Seems like I need a lot of rest, but I have always been that way ..... but now being 65, do you think that has anything to do with it???? (ha)

I hope you have a great day and think about all good things coming your way!
His blessings go on and on -----
Love and hugs and blessings!
Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Re:Rebecca -- Saturday Morning
Date: March 21, 2009, 5:01:32 PM EDT
To: Rebecca

Good afternoon to you!

It is almost suppertime (it is 4:35 PM here), and I have just arrived home and put away my groceries.

I slept late this morning too. I, too, am tired and need lots of rest. I also need lots of exercise. I need to lose a few pounds. Eating less may help too. It was after 11 by the time I was dressed and ready to eat breakfast. Since I needed to go to town anyway, I decided to skip breakfast and just have lunch. So my first stop was Hawg Wild Barbeque. I think the last time I ate there was while Bette was here a year ago and we had one of our meals there. I had a Barbeque sandwich and roasted corn on the cob and baked beans.

Then I went to WalMart and got some paper towels and toilet paper and some cleaning supplies and a couple of discounted DVD movies. (One was a three DVD set of Season number 3 of the Gunsmoke TV series, c. 1957). While I was in WalMart I decided to walk up and down all their aisles and explore. I've never done that before. They have a lot of stuff!

Then I went to the grocery store and got my groceries and came home and put everything away.

Suzanne just called. She said Fred and a friend left early this morning to go to the car races over in Bristol TN. So she offered to come over and fix grilled cheese sandwiches, etc., and we can eat and visit for a while. That sounded good to me. So I'll close now and go upstairs and wash yesterday's dishes, hopefully finishing before she gets over here. It is also time for me to do my laundry, but that can wait.

I really enjoyed your article giving honor to Bette. It was very good. And she deserves that. I'm glad you did it. You're very thoughtful, and caring.

Love and blessings from brother Bob

From: Bob
Subject: Happy Monday to you!
Date: Monday, March 23, 2009, 8:53 AM EDT
To: Rebecca

Hi Rebecca!

Received and read your latest articles ready to publish. They may even be on DCJ already. Bette doesn't take long to edit and post.

Suzanne and Fred have invited me to come over and eat with them tonight and stay to watch a movie with them that they have rented and then Fred and I will watch this week's episode of "24" on TV. So I am looking forward to that.

I need to get to work now. Have a wonderful day!

Love, Bob

From: Rebecca
Subject: Re: Happy Monday to you!
Date: Monday, March 23, 2009, 11:43:09 AM EDT
To: Bob

Hi! Just got to church ---- have my coffee and yogurt and ready to go! I think it is so cute the way you watch your Gunsmoke movies! Must be a guy thing! (ha)
Thanks for writing this morning ---- have a blessed day!
Have fun tonight.
Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Rebecca
Subject: Rebecca -- Tuesday night
Date: March 25, 2009, 12:37 AM
To: Bob

Good Evening Bob --

I know you will probably not get this until morning --
I wanted you to know that I have been praying for you today.

I came home and went to sleep on the sofa. Ate a snack and watched TV.
I watched the world premier on TBN of the movie "The Cross". I am so glad they are producing some good movies like that. They were just talking about the movie and they were in Hollywood CA. The movie actually opens in theaters, I believe, on March 27th. Just select people were getting to watch the movie there tonight.

Anyway --- rest well, and please take care of yourself. I agree with Suzanne --- you deserve to rest whenever you want. Relax and rest fully in Him.

I am going to bed now ----- will write more tomorrow.
Sorry I didn't write sooner. I laid on the sofa too long.

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose (sweet dreams) or should I say --- Good Morning! (ha)

From: Bob
Subject: Re: Rebecca -- Tuesday night
Date: Wednesday, March 25, 2009, 12:23 PM
To: Rebecca

Good afternoon, Rebecca!

It is now after lunch. Today is the second anniversary of Sylvia's homecoming in Heaven. It was 4:15 that morning when she breathe her last earthly air. At about that time this morning I happened to wake up and never did go back to sleep. I had planned to get up early this morning, but not that early. This is the morning I go to a coffee shop downtown for the men's fellowship at 8 AM. There were only 4 of us this morning. Three pastors from three different churches and me. But it was an excellent time, because the Holy Spirit was very much present as well. Everyone participates as moved by the Holy Spirit.

Then I went to Julie's for breakfast. French toast, 2 crisp bacon strips and one sausage patty and coffee. (Generally the only time I drink coffee is at a time like that.) Then I went to my chiropractor appointment. I really like him and his assistant, but I feel uneasy that he does acupuncture (not on me, but on some patients) which I believe is one of the alternative medical alternatives that is part of new age and has as its source the powers of darkness, and likely provides an open door for evil spirits into the patient's life.

Thank you for your prayers. I really appreciate that, and I can feel the results. God bless you as well.

I guess I should try to get at least a little work done today, so I will close now. Hope you're having a good day!

Love, Bob

From: Rebecca
Subject: Re: Rebecca -- Tuesday night
Date: March 26, 2009, 12:30:17 PM EDT
To: Bob

Hi Bob--

I am at the church office ----- I was on the phone with AT&T concerning my computer at home -- for 3 hours yesterday! I can't get on line .... they are going to check the lines outside on Friday -- I hope they can find the problem outside! So --- I am lost without my computer at home!

I am glad you made it through the day yesterday with God's help. Isn't it great to have family around?

I must go for now ---- hopefully I can e-mail from home by tomorrow night!

Love and Hugs

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Rebecca
Subject: Rebecca is looking for Bob
Date: March 27, 2009, 11:08 PM
To: Bob

Hi Bob --
Just a quick note before I go to bed.
Finally got my computer up and running again.
Rest well tonight ------ hope you are feeling okay.

Love and a hug ----

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Re: Rebecca is looking for Bob
Date: March 28, 2009, 10:10:23 AM EDT
To: Rebecca

Hi Rebecca!

You found me. Here I am.

It is already 10 a.m. and I haven't had breakfast yet. I'll write more after I eat.

I did rest well. And I'm feeling okay. I'm planning to do some laundry and clean the bathrooms today. That will probably be the highlight of my day. :-)

Thanks for the hug. Missed it last night, but got it this morning. Thanks for thinking of me.


From: Rebecca
Subject: Rebecca is home for the evening
Date: March 28, 2009, 5:04:47 PM EDT
To: Bob

Hi there!

I just got home. And yes, I was able to watch Bette post my article and the advertisements on her website. We were thrilled! She remembered everything the instructor told her to do.

I would have to take notes, then go from there!

After that, there was a man from the church that looked at my car, and only a couple of little bolts needed to be tightened up. So that is done. It is a '99 Ford Escort ZX--(or something like that!) It is a royal blue color, so I call it "Little Blue". It had 32,000 actual miles on it when I got it. Now it has about 40,000 miles on it. Its a great little 'about town' car for me. Dan, the mechanic, came to Barbs house to check it out for me. So I stayed and visited with Barb and Fred a while. Barb has a birthday Monday. She will be 70 years old, but looks 60! I love my sister dearly. On the way home, I stopped and bought her a special card and some body lotion. I tell her to pamper herself, she is always taking care of everyone else.

I should do laundry, but I'm not in the mood! Your movies sound good! Maybe I can find a good one to watch on TV tonight. We are supposed to get more rain, sleet, and snow late tonight. It's a great night to snuggle in and stay warm!

Thank you for your compliments, Bob. You are so sweet, I can hardly wait to meet you!

Have a restful and peaceful evening. Enjoy your movies!!

I am going to fix a bite to eat ------ then do nothing.

Love and blessings to a wonderful friend of mine -----

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose
(OH yes! When I arrived at Bette's house, Patzi ran out to greet me! She loves me! I held her the whole time I was there.)

From: Bob
Subject: Monday morning at Bob's house
Date: Monday, March 30, 2009, 9:29 AM EDT
To: Rebecca

Hi Rebecca!

I hope you're having a good day. It has stopped raining here, after 4 days and nights of rain. It is still cool, but the sun is shining and we may have Spring yet. I open the windows some to get some fresh air in the house, and then close most of them after a while so it can get warm again. I have been wearing a light jacket inside to keep my shoulders from getting chilled. But I expect to be able to switch to short sleeve shirts soon.

Yesterday went pretty fast for me. I worked a while on OFC, adjusting the spacing, etc., on the text that will be in the word balloons when I add the balloons. I also gave some thought to how I might present the characters.

I did that in the afternoon and relaxed for a while before going over to Suzanne and Fred's for the small group meeting. They started a new series for discussion. It is on marriage, with workbooks and DVD lessons. I forget who the author / speaker is, but they say he is on Christian radio and is quite good. So it was a good session. For everyone else. It was very difficult for me. Imagine sitting there alone with three couples all paired off and discussing the subject of marriage.

I felt very, very, very ALONE.

I told them that I think it is great that they are learning about how to let their marriage be as God would have it be, but it is not where I belong. It is too emotional for me. And unnecessary for me. Sylvia and I were truly one. I had learned to love her like my own body. And I still do.

After everyone else left, I told Suzanne that I would not be attending the rest of the series. She tried to think of reasons why it would be good for me to be there. Like, "Dad, you may get married again someday." I said, "No. My ministry keeps me busy now." She doesn't understand. I don't think anyone can, who still has their mate. But she has accepted the fact that I want them to continue without me.

I have been thinking about getting someone to come in and clean my house once a month if I can afford it. I think the Lord has been pushing me into doing that. It has been on my mind a lot, but I didn't know how to proceed. Then last Wednesday morning in the chiropractor's office the subject came up as I talked with someone else who was waiting for a treatment. The lady was someone who seemed to know me, and her name was familiar, but I don't know why. She said that she has someone who comes to clean her house, who is a Christian and does a good job for a reasonable price. She gave me the phone number. I called and left a message this morning. So I will find out more and make a decision when the cleaning lady returns my call.

I can't think of any more news (if you can call that "news"), so I guess I will close and see if I can get some more done on OFC.

Have a great day!

Love and blessings,


From: Rebecca
Subject: Rebecca likes iced tea
Date: Monday, March 30, 2009, 6:30 PM EDT
To: Bob


Just read your e-mail, while I am drinking some iced tea. I just got home a few minutes ago.

I can certainly relate to how you felt sitting there among the couples! You are right, you did not belong there. It would be the same if one married couple was in a room full of single people! Not a comfortable place to be.

I went to the church this morning about 10 a.m. ---- then at 1 o'clock Jen (Mark's wife) wanted me to go to lunch with her.... we came back to the church, then I left the church at 4 p.m. --- stopped at Dollar General and purchased a sewing kit (for mending only). I have laundry to do tonight!

I am a little tired this evening. I think I will have some bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes for dinner tonight. I will close for now and rest a little before I do my laundry.

Have a great evening!
Be blessed!
Love and hugs
Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Dr. Pepper likes iced tea too!
Date: March 30, 2009, 7:06:34 PM EDT
To: Rebecca

Hello Rebecca!

I enjoyed your e-mail, as I do all of them from you.

I just had supper. Left-overs from Suzanne's dinner last night. Pork chop with apple sauce, mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, string beans, bread and iced tea. Good thing I had a light breakfast and lunch. :-)

Your bacon, lettuce and tomatoes sounds good.

I drew a couple of the characters in the first panel of this week's OFC today. Also added the word balloons around the text I did yesterday.

Tammy, the cleaning lady called me back and we had a nice visit. Her husband is a preacher, and she home-schools her children. Sounds like a nice family. I gave her my web address ( and invited her to visit my sites. I'll try to remember to tell her about DCJ. She will come here next Monday morning and look at the house and give me a price for cleaning once a month. She said that she would go ahead and clean while she is here if I decide her price is okay.

I will be leaving in a few minutes to go over and watch this week's episode of "24" with Fred on his high-definition TV.

It was a beautiful day here today. I need to get outside more.

Much love, many blessings,


From: Rebecca
Subject: To the one and only Dr Pepper!
Date: March 30, 2009, 7:31:37 PM EDT
To: Bob

Hi Dr Pepper!!!
Enjoy your movie and have a great time!!!
Much love
Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

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