Rebecca West: Words & Music

Our Online Romance
by Rebecca and Bob West with the Holy Spirit

Chapter 14

Loving God, Loving Each Other

From: Bob
Subject: Re: rebecca has sent you an ecard.
Date: April 22, 2009, 5:11:55 PM EDT
To: Rebecca

Hi Rebecca!

Thanks so very much for the cheerful eCard.

Hope you're having a wonderful day.

Keep smiling!

Bye for now...

Love, Bob

From: Rebecca
Subject: Rebecca --- Thursday morning
Date: April 23, 2009, 9:31 AM EDT
To: Bob, Bette

Good Morning Musketeers!!

Just a quick note ----- I am heading out the door to the office. Once I got going yesterday -- there was no stopping place! I went to the office, ran off copies for class, called some members, went to the store and picked up refreshments for the class, and at 5 p.m. arrived at the church building, put the coffee on, and prepared the table for the people. The people started coming in, we had good attendance last night, I logged them in, etc, etc. Then after class about 9 p.m. I took the attendance sheet to Debbie over at the coffee shop. Arrived home about 10 p.m.

Hope you both have a fabulous day --- I will touch base tonight!

Bette, call me at the church anytime, sweetie.

Bob, be blessed today! Love you much!

Love you both dearly!

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose ---- the other musketeer!

From: Bob
Subject: Re: Rebecca --- Thursday AM
Date: April 23, 2009, 10:33:16 AM EDT
To: Rebecca

Good morning, Musketeer!

I missed you yesterday, Rebecca. Except for the nice eCard you sent. Thanks for that. And I figured you were busy. Me too.

Now I'm going to get busy again. Got a lot of drawing to do today. It will not be easy for me, but I do have a light at the end of the tunnel now. I am looking forward to doing the grand finale of OFC. (At the rate I'm going, it will take longer than three months. :-(

I enjoyed seeing the picture of the three musketeers next to your signature. Good likeness! :-)

Much love, many blessings,


From: Bob
Subject: Before I say Goodnight...
Date: April 23, 2009, 10:51:33 PM EDT
To: Rebecca, Bette

Hi Musketeers!

Before I say Goodnight, I'll give you a quick update.

I made a lot of progress on the current OFC strip today. And I finished the drawings and all the black and white parts of the strip. I plan to add the color to it tomorrow, and then I can e-mail it and post it on the web site. I've worked on this one off and on for about two weeks. Some of it I did, and re-did, and re-did again and again, but I'm pleased with what I have now. I realized a couple of days ago how significant this series is, for it deals with homosexuality, something so prevalent today and often accepted as okay. But what God did to Sodom (the subject of the next few strips) testifies loud and clear what God thinks about it. Since it has been a struggle for me to complete this episode, and a little bit of discouragement, the thought has occurred to me that the enemy is aware and attacking. Which makes me more determined than ever to do the best job I can, to make the message very clear, and get the job done. This calls for specific prayer on my part, and I welcome your prayers too.

I am going to update the episodes of Theophilus, Teofilo, and OFC that run on other web sites, such as DCJ, before I go to bed. It should just take a few minutes. And I'm glad, for I am very tired and sleepy.

Hope you both have had a wonderful day. Bette, I hope you're feeling better.

BTW, Rebecca, I read your article about rejection. Excellent! It blessed me, and I'm sure many others will be blessed.

I will write again after I finish coloring OFC tomorrow. Goodnight...

Much love and many blessings,


From: Rebecca
Subject: Re: Our Father's Children, episode 159: Lot's Hospitality
Date: April 24, 2009, 3:36 PM EDT
To: Bob


Excellent!!! You are amazing!! I can not even imagine how you do everything..... I can not keep up with you!! You have accomplished so much today.....

This is my "catch up" day at home ----- cleaning, laundry, folding clothes, etc., etc.

Get some rest, my dear musketeer!

Have a wonderful rest of the day! What are you having for dinner? I am not sure what I am having yet.

Love and smiles!

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Re: Our Father's Children, episode 159: Lot's Hospitality
Date: April 24, 2009, 3:59:34 PM EDT
To: Rebecca

Thanks Rebecca!

You seem to always know just what to say to make me feel good. Thanks for your kind, generous words of encouragement.

I need to do laundry too, but I think I will put it off until tomorrow. I'm exhausted. And sleepy. I think I will take a nap.

I received your other e-mails and Bette's. I will wait until after I get some rest and then read them again and respond to them.

I will probably take at least one day off (tomorrow) before I start on the next episode. Hopefully, it will go faster than this one. But if it doesn't, that's okay. I know that I only have about ten more episodes to do. The end is in sight. Well, almost!

I had cereal and a banana for breakfast. A baloney and cheese sandwich and iced tea for lunch. For supper I might microwave a frozen dinner. Or I might cook some spaghetti (with meatballs if there are any left in the freezer). The way I feel right now, I may just do what will require the least effort. (Which I guess would be the frozen dinner.)

Keep smiling!!!

Love and blessings (and a hug),


From: Rebecca
Subject: Rebecca --- Friday Morning
Date: April 24, 2009, 10:10 AM EDT
To: Bob, Bette

Hello Musketeers!!

I love the scripture of Ecclesiastes 4:12 !! "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." That is our scripture.

Bette, remember when we first received that girl's first comment, that I mentioned "some comments will be legitimate and some not legitimate"? I just felt then that something was not right with her. She is not out for good, whoever she is. I think my reply even made her more aggressive --- she actually is coming against the Holy Spirit, and attacking me. Anyway, we pray for DCJ on a daily basis. We are covered by God's power and authority. Remember when Mark prayed for us --- the words that came into my spirit (audibly) was POWER AND AUTHORITY. We have all power and authority over the enemy ... always.

Bob, I am praying for you and all of the work you are doing. I know you are dealing with many things in your spirit as you are completing your most important work --- detailed work. My prayers are with you today --- the Holy Spirit is so much stronger than anything or anybody or any thoughts that come against us. I am so proud of you. The Author and Finisher of our faith is at work in you, and He is strong. God is proud of you, his special son. Your obedience is so pleasing to the Lord... He has GREAT plans for you!!! You have only begun to fulfill His plan and His purpose for your life. Rejoice!

God bless you both today! I love you both.

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Re: Rebecca --- Friday Morning
Date: April 24, 2009, 10:10 AM EDT
To: Rebecca


Thank you for those encouraging words. I know they are from the Lord. I have noticed in your writings and in your e-mails to me that you have a VERY close relationship with the Lord. You hear the Holy Spirit very, very clearly. And that really blesses me because I can hear His Voice in your words of encouragement. I may be one of His special sons, but you are definitely His special daughter. He loves you so very much, and I can feel some of that love. For I love you too -- someone I have not yet met in person.

Yes, I rejoice! I know that you do too.

Love and blessings from one Musketeer to another,


From: Bob
Subject: The hateful comment you received on DCJ
Date: April 26, 2009, 11:52 AM EDT
To: Rebecca, Bette

Happy Sunday, Musketeers!

Just a note to let you know something that happened in the wee hours of this morning (and be encouraged by the Lord's protection). I got up to go to the bathroom, and after I got back in bed and before I went to sleep again, the hateful comment you received on DCJ came to mind and thoughts about it. Then I realized that those thoughts may not be from the Lord. And they were not. The Lord has let me know that there were evil spirits associated with that message. I'm glad you deleted it from the web site. Now I will delete your e-mail that quoted it from my file. Just to make sure those spirits know they are not welcome here.

Love and blessings,


From: Rebecca
Subject: Re: The hateful comment you received on DCJ
Date: April 26, 2009, 11:05:07 PM EDT
To: Bob

Bob, you have discerned the comment well!! You are right on!! Thank you!! I had told Bette that I did not think the comment was "legitimate" when it first came in. She asked me to reply, so I did to the best of my ability, but hopefully with the Holy Spirit's authority.

So it is confirmed. The Holy Spirit confirmed it to you. Praise God for His protection and His anointing on DCJ and the three musketeers. And OFC as well! God is so good. There is no one like Him. We could not live a day without Him.

Goodnight again ------ rest well. Peaceful sleep.

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Rebecca
Subject: Note from Rebecca
Date: April 26, 2009, 10:46 PM EDT
To: Bob

Hello dear Bob!

You are something else!! I love it! You are detailed and organized -- and thinking ahead! Perfect!! Hawg Wild Barbeque sounds great to me!! I love barbeque!

Yes, we can go to the store and get some things to eat at home. I will enjoy fixing at the house some of the time, and I know Bette will too. That will be fun! Pisgah Fish Camp for lunch on Wednesday sounds wonderful! You have planned everything very well!! Wow!!! What a man!!! (ha ha) Really, you are awesome! How many men could handle 2 women visiting them and plan the visit? Not many, I assure you.

We are going to have so much fun --- the three musketeers!! I went to Bette's house the other day just for a little while, and of course we talked about the trip, looked at the map, etc. The plan is to stay at Richmond at the La Quinta Inn on Monday night on our way to you. I have my clothes ready to pack, so I am trying to keep organized a little. I still have a small wash to do, and will probably do that tomorrow night.

The Primetime Singles meeting is this Friday night! I am going to keep it simple, a get acquainted time, and food, and fellowship, and some music going on the CD player for atmosphere. (ha) We must have music!!

I left this morning for church -- for the 11 a.m. service --- went to Barb's house for lunch and a birthday party for Jennifer, Mark's wife. So we ate, visited, played with the kids, etc., then I had a leadership meeting to go to at 6 p.m. I just got home at 8:30, and a girlfriend of mine called... so I just now was able to e-mail you.

My title for my next article is "Intimacy -- the Missing Link". I started writing it very late last night --- and early this morning before I went to church. It is coming along beautifully.

Thanks so much in advance for your great hospitality. I am very excited and anxious to meet you, my dear Dr Pepper! We are going to have a great time! Yes! Fun, fun, fun! Watching movies at home will be fine, or theater, which ever works out best. I am very easy to please. We three musketeers will have fun, what ever we do! We will probably all talk at the same time!!! I will show you how to make the world's best coffee. It is easy or I couldn't do it!

I will say good night ----- sweet dreams until we meet. Thank you Bob for this great opportunity to meet you and share your home and the beautiful North Carolina country.

Love and abundant blessings!
Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Rebecca
Subject: Rebecca's question
Date: April 27, 2009, 1:32:56 PM EDT
To: Bob

Hi Bob!
What is your very favorite meal --- and very favorite dessert????
Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Re: Note from Rebecca
Date: April 27, 2009, 1:59:20 PM EDT
To: Rebecca

Good afternoon, Rebecca!

What a sweet letter. I really like the words you use. :-)

I missed hearing from you yesterday. But you made up for it with the e-mails I got from you this morning. I can see that you did send me two e-mails before you went to bed last night, but it is an hour later here so I was in dreamland by then. But they were there waiting for me this morning. Thanks!

Two weeks from tomorrow! You and Bette (and Patzi) will be here before I know it. I still haven't mowed the grass yet. I noticed this morning that it needs to be done, but if I do it now it will need to be done again before you get here. So I'll wait until next week to do that. My lawn mower is very old. Please pray that the motor will run okay, and that the wheels don't fall off, etc.

Your next article sounds VERY interesting. Can't wait to read that. :-) All your articles are interesting. They're amazing. You're something else yourself. Actually, we know that you have some help from the Lord don't we. I know He gives me help with the comics. I always look back at them when they're finished and find it hard to believe that I had anything to do with them. I give the Lord all the honor and glory, and I praise Him and thank Him for His grace in letting me be a part of what He is doing to minister to and bless His hurting people. I know you and Bette feel the same way about what He has given you two to do.

The Primetime Singles meeting sounds interesting. Too bad I'm not close enough to attend. (Or is it just for women only?) Just kidding. Actually, I have managed to stay away from situations like that. Remind me to tell you about something funny that happened along that line a couple of months after Sylvia passed.

I just received another e-mail from you! Your question about my favorite meal and favorite dessert... I'll have to think about that. How thoughtful and sweet of you to ask. Meat loaf just came to mind. I really like that. And cherry pie.

I've been working inside, mostly on the next OFC strip. But also trying to clean up some of the clutter in my studio. I have space cleared so you and Bette can work on the book. She said she is bringing two laptops. If I have time I want to organize the storage room on the lower floor. I want to get rid of some of the stuff that I won't need, and organize the stuff that I will need, and make room for some more stuff. Maybe you can help me do that while you're here. I still haven't done anything in the closet in the upstairs bath that I told you about. Neither one should take very long. It is just a matter of deciding to go ahead and do it.

I'm going to close now and get back to work. Also, I think I see you standing by your e-mail box waiting for this letter. I don't want to keep you waiting any longer. :-)

Have a wonderful rest of the day!

Love and blessings,


From: Bob
Subject: Strawberry Shortcake and "24"
Date: April 27, 2009, 4:03:36 PM EDT
To: Rebecca

Hi Rebecca!

Just got a call from Fred. He invited me to come over to watch "24" with him, but added that Suzanne would call me when she gets home. She is going to go to the gym for exercise first, but when she gets home she is going to cook a fish dinner and I'm invited. Then she plans to fix us strawberry shortcake (with ice cream no doubt) to eat while we watch "24".

Are you hungry yet?!

I just had a snack (an oatmeal cookie and half of a 8 oz. Dr. Pepper) to carry me until tonight since supper will be 8 o'clock or after. Now I am going to see if I can get some more work done on OFC. I'm looking forward to letting the Lord finish that assignment.

Keep on the sunny side...

Love, Bob

From: Bob
Subject: Concerning favorite meal etc.
Date: April 27, 2009, 6:23:35 PM EDT
To: Rebecca

Hi Rebecca!

I've been thinking about your inquiry concerning my favorite meal and dessert. I want you to know that your thoughtfulness and apparent intentions have already honored and blessed me more than you can know. Now I would like to strongly suggest that you not follow through with what you might have planned. This is vacation time -- for you as well as me and Bette. Relax. Take it easy. Let's just enjoy the time together.

Let's keep our meals at the house simple, with minimum work involved. We will be eating out several times. We can use those times to get something to eat that would require more preparation. For example, one of the places we will likely eat at is Cracker Barrel. I can get a meat loaf dinner there. And if we all want cherry pie, we can get a half pie in the bakery department of the grocery store. But I don't need to have cherry pie. I like lots of kinds of dessert. But I really should use more restraint and eat less sweets.

God bless you, my dear musketeer (aka Funny Girl)!

Much love and many blessings,

Dr. (Bob) Pepper

From: Rebecca
Subject: Rebecca -- standing by the e-mail box
Date: April 27, 2009, 7:34 PM EDT
To: Bob

Dearest Dr (Bob) Pepper -----

If everyone was as thoughtful as you, this world would be a wonderful place! I think you read my mind about preparing your favorite meal for you, but your idea is excellent. You are right. It's vacation!

I just got home a little while ago. I was at the church office today. Then about 3:30 p.m. I went to my sister's house for a short visit. I didn't stay long, but had to stop at the grocery store. I will be working on my new article tonight. I am excited about this one! I am glad you like the title. It should be very interesting and intriguing! When God gives me a subject, I can't write fast enough!!!

If you were here for the singles meeting, I would have to protect you from all of the women! (ha) There are 8 women and 2 men in the group. Both men are too young for me!

Have fun tonight and enjoy every bite of that wonderful meal, and enjoy your program.

Thank you for telling me to relax and just enjoy my vacation. I just want to let you know how very much I appreciate you. Your e-mails make me happy.

I am going to work on the article now. I will look for another e-mail from you when you get time.

Standing by the e-mail box (sounds like you know me)!
Love and abundant blessings...
Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose (funny girl musketeer)

From: Rebecca
Subject: Publish in Daily Christian Journal
Date: April 27, 2009, 9:14:17 PM EDT
To: Bette
Cc: Bob

Intimacy, the Missing Link

What do women want? What do men want?

In the deepest recesses of our hearts, there is a longing to be cherished, loved, and adored. When intimacy is lacking in a relationship, there is a void in our emotions.

Unspoken needs and longings lie deep inside of us. The heart yearns for intimacy. Intimacy is an "emotional closeness" that exposes our heart and soul to another. It requires being open and honest in our communication with one another. In my opinion, it is the most needed element in a relationship, yet so many couples fail to realize the importance of it. Some find it difficult to take the time to demonstrate their love and care in an emotional way.

When intimacy is lacking, or even missing entirely, we can still have a good relationship, but if intimacy is shared, life can be so much better for both partners. It can be the difference between a beautiful marriage compared to one that just exists.

The simple things in a relationshlp have an imperative importance on our starving emotions! A gentle hug, a smile, a kiss on the cheek, holding each other, eye contact, holding hands when you need a special touch -- all of these things mean so much from the person you love. As a song says, "Little things mean a lot." How true!

It is amazing how a small gesture of love can make your day. I believe these actions of intimacy strengthen a relationship quite significantly. If you find yourself in a relationship without intimacy, start making a special effort toward your partner with these loving gestures. Start giving them what you yourself long for -- that loving touch or smile that makes all the world seem right. I think they will start to enjoy the secrets that these messages bring to the relationship.

Intimacy forms a bond, a strong bond that is difficult to break. I call it the special "glue" that melts into each other's heart and soul and holds two people close in a beautiful, emotional way. It is the way God intended a marriage to be -- complete in every aspect of the word.

Having expressions of love to one another on a daily basis is like a beautiful, refreshing waterfall, washing away any hurt that may have been inflicted unknowingly. When you are linked to the person of God's choice for you, you will give effortlessly into their lives. You will learn their expectation, and they in turn will come to know yours as well.

Pray for each other -- together, and also when you are apart. Loyalty and forgiveness speak loudly of your love for one another. Love will grow even stronger as you verbally express how much you care. A home that has an atmosphere of warmth and cheerfulness is a place you will love to be -- and you will want to stay forever. When you master the art of pleasing your partner emotionally, you will unleash an indescribable influence on your environment! The words you speak set the atmosphere for your home. Words can go to the innermost part of a soul.

Confidentiality and commitment, in my opinion, provide an extra strong link between two people. Your partner/mate is your "personal confidante!" I encourage you to be willing to invest the time to listen and learn the emotional needs and desires of the one you love. Your mate is unlike anyone else on this earth.

The link of love will become stronger as you fulfill the emotional needs of your mate. Inspire your partner! Complement your partner! They will love you all the more for this.

Rivalry, instability, and division -- brought by envy and ambition -- is the opposite of peace. The link of peace is vital to both parties. A life of peace is priceless. Peace is a covenant word, that at its Hebrew core means -- "nothing missing, nothing broken."

May Love and Peace reign in your life today and always.

~ Rebecca

From: Bob
Subject: Re: Rebecca -- standing by the e-mail box
Date: April 28, 2009, 9:06 AM EDT
To: Rebecca

Good morning, Rebecca!

I hope it is truly a good one for you. I'm glad my e-mails make you happy. Yours make me happy too. And I thank you!

And thank you for all the nice things you say to encourage me. I'm also glad that you're going to relax and enjoy your vacation. It should not be a working vacation. It should be a FUN vacation. Even cleaning out the closet is work, and we may not do it even though you have graciously offered several times. But it won't take but an hour or two, and it could be fun.

Your new article is great. You're amazing. Even though I know you hear from the Lord so very clearly and you're writing what you hear from Him, I am still amazed. You are so blessed and you so bless others, especially me.

I did have fun last night, and was well fed. Suzanne works so hard and looked so tired, but she just keeps going. I wish she would get some rest.

I'm going to see if I can get some work done on OFC now. Have a great day!

Love, Bob

From: Rebecca
Subject: Re: Rebecca -- standing by the e-mail box
Date: April 28, 2009, 11:22:55 AM EDT
To: Bob

Hello sweet Bob --

I was happy to get your e-mail this morning. I know this will be a busy day for you with OFC. I am praying for you today. Have a magnificent day!

Sending love and blessings ----- I am at the church today, home all day tomorrow!

I am glad you like my new article! You, too, are amazing.

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

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