Rebecca West: Words & Music

Our Online Romance
by Rebecca and Bob West with the Holy Spirit

Chapter 16

Sweet Hearts

From: Bob
Subject: It's me again...
Date: May 4, 2009, 2:53 PM EDT
To: Rebecca

Hi Precious,

I don't seem to be accomplishing much on OFC, or anything else, so I decided to just take a break and write a note to you. Especially, since I can't seem to get my mind off you. Or the Lord. I'm amazed at what He is doing in my life. And in yours apparently.

I talked with my daughter Suzanne on the phone a little while ago. I told her a little about what happened this morning. She said that she's not surprised. And that she is happy for me.

After I wrote to you this morning, I walked out to Sylvia's memorial tree and marker, and looked upward (much like Missy LeHaye did in the movie I told you about) and I told Sylvia that I will always love her, but I know it is time now to say goodbye and continue on with my life. And I wiped away my tears, because I was crying all the time I did that.

Tonight is the night I go over to Suzanne and Fred's house to watch "24" with Fred. I'll try to remember to bring Suzanne's coffee pot home with me. She said I could borrow it while you and Bette are here. Maybe after you show me how to make coffee, I will buy one of my own.

Tomorrow morning I will have to get up early and take my car to Larry's Auto Shop for the state inspection, to get it serviced, and some work done on the brakes. It will probably take all morning. There's a couple of other errands I need to do too, so I will be gone most of the day.

Will you and your sister get to see your brother before he moves to Hawaii? I haven't heard from Robynne since I sent her his e-mail address and passed on his request for information. So I don't know if she sent him anything or not.

My life story is on my web site. You may have already read it. I would love for you to tell me more about your life. Where were you born? What denomination was your father a pastor in? I remember that you began singing and touring when you were 3 years old. Was that with your parents? Were they musicians too? Did your ex-husband sing too? I would love to hear anything you would like to share.

Bye for now...

I love you, Rebecca!

Dr. Pepper

From: Rebecca
Subject: Re: It's me again... / Rebecca
Date: May 4, 2009, 5:02:47 PM EDT
To: Bob

Hello, my sweet Bob -----

You are spoiling me and I love it!! :-)

I just now got home from the church, and I am going to get a bite to eat and then write you another e-mail and tell you about me. I have been reading your story on your web site for quite some time, but I will re-read it now.

I am glad you did what you needed to do concerning Sylvia. I know the Lord was with you when you were doing that. I am proud of you Bob. You are a man of integrity.

I am pretty sure my sis and I will get to see Dave before he leaves for Hawaii. I will call Barb and find out exactly when. If I know my brother, he will make sure he sees us before he leaves. He is a sweet brother.

I laughed when you said you talked to Suzanne on the phone a little, because I talked on the phone a little to my sister too, and just shared a little with her. She was not surprised either! She reminded me that a few weeks ago she had said that she had a good feeling about me e-mailing you, and she thought you would really "like me"!! :-) I guess sisters have a way of knowing these things! :-)

I will close now --- eat a bite and rest a little -- then e-mail you again, my sweetheart.

I love you, Bob.

Sunshine Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Rebecca
Subject: Rebecca's Photo
Date: May 4, 2009, 12:16:32 PM EDT
To: Bob

Hi Dr Pepper -----

Here is a picture of me ---- hope it comes through!

See ya soon!

Love and one hug!

Funny Girl Rebecca's Red Rose

Portrait of Rebecca

From: Rebecca
Subject: Sunshine
Date: May 4, 2009, 7:31 PM EDT
To: Bob

Hi again my wonderful sweetheart -----

Well -- here goes! I am going to tell you all about me!

I was born in Carmi IL, a small southern Illinois town (close to Evansville IN) in 1943. We lived there until I was in grade school. Then we moved to East Alton IL, where my dad pastored a pentecostal church. The parsonage was four rooms behind the church (connected to the church) and when we opened the door into the church, we were on the platform! Dad and mom sang together and mom played the piano. I went through junior high there, then my dad decided he wanted to move back to Carmi... which we did, and I went to high school in Carmi and graduated there.

This is the part I dread telling you --- right out of high school, I was 17 years old when I graduated, I married a boy from there. He was a Christian, but he and my dad did not get along, and when he tried to fight my dad, physically, my dad told me if I wanted to divorce the boy, he would pay for it. By this time I was ready to go home to mom and dad. So I did. (I am praying you will still love me in spite of this mistake. We did not have any children. I have never had children -- but I loved my cocker spaniel. :-) He was my baby.

Then I started traveling in Fred and Barb's singing group, and we traveled every weekend in a custom bus. My brother Dave traveled with us too. And mom and dad always went along for the ride. By this time they lived in Bethalto IL, where Barb and Fred live, just a few miles from Alton. It was a family group and we had a lot of fun as well as hard work. This is where I met Gary. Fred hired him as the bass player and we were married for 30 years. After Gary left (after 30 years of marriage), I moved up here to Alton and Bethalto IL to Barb and Fred's basement apartment. I lived there for quite some time --- healing. I visited my good friends in Branson, Mary and Harold Heird, and it was a long visit. I felt lost. Then I visited my brother Dave and his wife Darla for quite some time when they lived in Ohio, but just could not "find myself". So I came back here to Alton IL and moved into this apartment. I really began to feel like I had my senses back and I had "made my journey", so to speak. So this apartment opened up to me and I moved in --- and here I am.

God had been with me every step of my journey. He never left me for one moment. He is more real to me at this time of my life than ever before. My faithful God. I cry when I think of how much He loves me. I am so thankful for my heritage. My grandparents, on both sides, were ministers.

I was very close to my dad's parents. She was the grandmother who always had cookies in the cookie jar for me and a great big featherbed!!!

And now, God had brought you into my life. He saved the best for last.

I love you, Bob. You light up my world too. I thank God for you.

Love and ONE hug -----

Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Re: Sunshine
Date: May 4, 2009, 8:15:37 PM EDT
To: Rebecca

Hi Baby!

Thanks for telling me about yourself, even the part that you're not proud of and that pained you to share. Yes, I still love you. More than I have words to express. I'm so sorry that you had hurtful experiences, but glad that Jesus has healed those hurts or is in the process of healing them. You are my Sunshine...

This has to be a quick note because I'm on my way out the door to go to Suzanne and Fred's. They're expecting me. But I didn't want you to have to wait any longer for my reaction. It will be late when I get back home, but if I'm still awake enough I will write again before I go to bed. Otherwise it will be tomorrow afternoon before I can write because I have to get up really early to take my car to be worked on. I don't know what I'll do about breakfast. I may stop on the way and get a sausage biscuit to eat after I get to Larry's Auto. And I will wait while they work on the car. Anyway, you understand...

Thanks again, sweetheart. I love you very much!

One hug for you too,


From: Rebecca
Subject: Sweetheart
Date: May 5, 2009, 5:17:16 PM EDT
To: Bob

Bob ---
That is the most precious letter I have ever received in my life!
I adore you.
And love you.
Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Suzanne
Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2009, 3:25 PM EDT
To: Rebecca

Hi again, sweetheart...

I forgot to answer a question you asked in your e-mail that I just responded to. You asked if you have been calling my daughter Suzanne my sister. Yes, you have. I started to correct you, but decided that it was a typo, that you probably knew.

Suzanne is about the best daughter anyone could have. I know you will love her, and that she will love you. Actually, I've shared enough about you and she can see the positive effect you've already had on me. She is very happy for us. You'll like her husband Fred too. Years ago he and I didn't like each other. But that has changed. I told him that I don't think of him as my son-in-law. I think of him as my son. And I told him that I'm very proud of him. He has told me that he is proud of me too. And that my example of taking care of Sylvia during her illness those last three years was an inspiration to him and his sons on how to treat their wives.

Rebecca, I thank the Lord that He is showing me how to treat you, and for the encouragement you give me with your responses. You bless me so much and make me happy. Baby, I wish I knew the words that would express just how happy you make me feel. I don't think there are any words that could adequately describe it. What a difference in the way I feel today and the way I felt the day before yesterday! I've never felt so loved before! Your love and the Lord's love both. It overflows! I keep having to stop and wipe the tears away. And dry my glasses. Thank you, my precious darling sweetheart Rebecca!!!!

All my love, Bob

From: Rebecca
Subject: Bob's Sweetheart
Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2009, 7:29 PM EDT
To: Bob

Hello my darling!! This is your sweetheart!

Good news baby!! I just walked in the door from having coffee with Bette.

(I had tears in my eyes on the way to the restaurant. I was so happy, I could hardly contain myself. Just to tell someone besides my sister made me realize how much I love you and how proud I am of you. It feels so wonderful to be loved by you, my honey!)

Bette and I talked just for a bit, then I took her hands in mine, and told her I love her. I said, "I have something to tell you." Then I proceeded to tell her exactly what we said ---- how our e-mails had escalated more and more. And then I said, "Bette, Bob and I have discovered that we really love each other. We have found each other and I love that man .... and he loves me."

I said, "I wanted to tell you before the trip so you would know before we got there."

She said, "Remember I told you that you and he might hit it off? But at that time you did not know him that well." She said she was so happy for us! And I told her how God had used her to lead you and me together. She said, "I am in shock, but not in shock, but I am so happy for you and Bob."

I told her that I would introduce her to someone in the church that she may be interested in! :-) She said okay, but he has to have money. :-) She said that she was so glad I told her and she knows that God has someone for her too, someone who lives here locally.

She asked me if we had plans. I said, "The first plan is for me to go to North Carolina." Oh yes! I told her that when you come here that you would stay at Barb and Fred's house, and that we all would have a cookout together. She said that would definitely be the best. I told her how much I treasure her friendship, and we hugged.

I am going to go ahead and e-mail this now and write more later.

You make me proud and happy, sweetheart. I love you so much. I can hardly wait to meet you. It seems like we are getting closer every day. Can't wait to give you a sweet kiss! Can't wait for you to hold me.

All my love,

Sunshine Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Re: Bob's Sweetheart
Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2009, 8:56:08 PM EDT
To: Rebecca

Hello my sweetheart! This is your darling!

What a wonderful e-mail! I read it over twice. I read all your e-mails over multiple times. And each time they bless me and I feel your love. And they remind me why I love you so much. And yes, it does seem like we're getting closer each day. Just when I think it can't get any better, it does!

I'm so happy to hear how well your time with Bette went. I prayed that the Lord would fill you both with His love and His Spirit and direct what was said, etc. Of course you two are both so full of the Holy Spirit anyway that there really wasn't much, if anything, for Him to do in responding to my prayer. I'm glad you told Bette what you told her, and certainly what you said was from my heart too. Bette is very special! I hope the Lord will use you to bring someone special (with money :-) because she really needs some), but more importantly the man God has picked out for her into her life and into her heart. I received an e-mail from Bette (in response to one I wrote to her early today which I think was in response to one I got from her yesterday). I'm sure it was written after she got home from talking with you, but she didn't mention it. She will probably wait for me to say something, and I expect I will. But not today. I still have some work I want to do on OFC.

It is amazing to me how much has already happened today. My trip to Larry's Auto and CVS. All the e-mails you and I have written back and forth, in addition to one I wrote to Bette when I got home from town. And the drawings I did to complete the black and white version of the current episode of OFC. Now I have it all colored, except the last panel.

Suzanne just called, and we've been on the phone for quite some time. She called to see if I wanted to go with her Saturday to see Fred's parents in SC (Greenville area), about an hour and a half drive from here. Fred will be somewhere else. This will give me an opportunity to spend a little time with Suzanne, and keep her from having to drive down and back by herself, and give me an opportunity to visit with Fred's parents too.

Suzanne wanted to be brought up to date on what is happening with us. She seems excited about our romance, and wants to hear all about it. Finally, I told her that I was in the process of answering your e-mail about your time with Bette today and that I didn't want to keep you waiting for my response, and that she and I could talk more on Saturday.

So I will close now so I can send this to you. I notice that I have another one from you to answer too. So until the next e-mail...

All my love, hugs and kisses,

Sunshine's admirer

From: Rebecca
Subject: Rebecca / So happy!
Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2009, 7:42 PM EDT
To: Bob

It's me again, sweetie!

I am in for the night. I am packing and getting everything ready!

I love you with all of my heart. God has put such a love in me -- for you. I have never been so happy. You are the reason.

Love and kisses -----

Sunshine Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: Re: Rebecca / So happy!
Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2009, 9:17:37 PM EDT
To: Rebecca

Dearest precious Sunshine,

God amazes me! I'm so glad that God has put such a love in you for me, because He has put such a love in me for you! I too have never been so happy. But I don't think He is finished yet. I think He is just preparing us for even greater happiness. If that is possible. And with God all things are possible.

I'm going to finish up the OFC strip I've been working on and then I'll put OFC aside for two or three weeks. I have the men's fellowship at the coffee cafe at 8 in the morning. I'll get breakfast at Julie's after that. I want to repair a couple of dips in my gravel driveway so that it will be smoother coming in and going out. I'll need to take some stuff to the recycle center, sweep the decks, etc. And I'll use some of the time betweeen now and when you get here to clean up and organize some of the clutter in my studio. Tammy is scheduled to be here Monday morning to clean the house.

I love you, sweetheart! I'll say goodnight now just in case. I can always say "goodnight" again if this is not my last e-mail today. (There has been several from both of us today.) I think we set some kind of record. I have over 300 e-mails in Rebecca's file on my computer that we have written since February!

Hugs and kisses and sweet dreams,


From: Bob
Subject: Goodnight Sweetheart
Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2009, 9:30 PM EDT
To: Rebecca

Hi Baby,

I got up early today and have been busy all day. Got a lot done. Especially a lot of e-mails :-) Also a lot done on OFC. Got it almost finished, but will wait and finish up tomorrow. I'm very tired, and I will have to get up early again tomorrow for the men's fellowship. So I'm going to say goodnight now and go to bed.

Bette wrote tonight to ask me a question about how to get to my house. When I answered back, I took that opportunity to add my thanks to yours for her part in bringing you and me together. I also told her that I believe God has someone (with money) picked out for her and that I pray that He will bring him to her soon.

It has been a wonderful day reading your e-mails and writing to you, and getting to know you better and loving you more (if that be possible). I know I'll have sweet dreams tonight. I hope you do too.

Goodnight, my precious Rebecca. Rest well...

Love, hugs, and kisses,


From: Rebecca
Subject: Re: Goodnight Sweetheart
Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2009, 10:50:26 PM EDT
To: Bob

Goodnight my love -----

We have only just begun ----- I wish you were holding me in your arms tonight -----

Sweet dreams -----


All of my love -----

Your Rebecca Rebecca's Red Rose

From: Bob
Subject: A new day dawning
Date: Wednesday, May 6, 2009, 6:35 AM EDT
To: Rebecca

Good morning, Sunshine!

It's time for you to wake up and light up my day.

The Lord woke me up early this morning, apparently so I would have time to send you a note before I leave for town to attend the men's breakfast. I'm sure they will notice a difference in me today, for I'm smiling from ear to ear. And I have so much to smile about. And why not, when we have the Lord of the universe directing our steps with His love!

Okay, dearest precious wonderful darling sweetheart of mine, it is time for me to go down the mountain. I will return soon.

All my love, Bob

From: Rebecca
Subject: Re: A new day dawning
Date: Wednesday, May 6, 2009, 7:46:34 AM EDT
To: Bob

Good morning my darling -----

I woke up, thanking the Lord for you. I know God brought you into my life, and I thank Him all through the day for you.

I love you with all of my heart and soul, my wonderful Bob.

I love all of my names ----- you touch my heart like no one else.

I know I will love North Carolina ---- because you are there ---- where I want to be.

All of my love ----
Love you -- Love you --
Kiss and a hug for you this beautiful morning!!!

Your Sunshine Rebecca's Red Rose

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