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Feedback and Looking Forward

by Bob West

March 19, 2010.

Last year at the age of 77, I wrote and illustrated my final OFC comic strip, married Rebecca, and designed her website. Last week she asked me to put an old essay of mine, "Trust and Obey," on it here in a new section she calls "Bob's blog." And I did.

Below are a few examples of the responses we have received.

Harold wrote: "I'm certainly glad you took Rebecca's urging and republished your paper on 'when' is a person 'saved.' I wish everyone could see the truth in it. You certainly hit the nail on the head about a formalistic approach, be it C of C or 'four spiritual laws'."

Anthony said: "The article from your blog is GREAT! I look forward to more to come. I really love your Jesus-focused, grace-centered, love-oriented approach. Please keep writing the blog. I've really enjoyed reading Rebecca's stories and I look forward to more from you."

Chad responded: "Great article, Bob. I have been talking about this very thing with my friend... I had this sinking feeling every time I talk about baptism that I was still looking at baptism through C of C goggles. I looked and looked and studied, but there was no way for me to remove baptism from being a part of our salvation. You put in words what I could not articulate. There is no need to wonder where salvation is placed because as soon as you stop trusting in God your salvation is lost, whether you've been baptized or not, said the 'sinner's prayer' or not, repented or not, confessed Christ before others or not, etc., etc., etc."

And Julie wrote on Facebook, "quoting Bob West: 'It is not difficult to obey when you know the character and love of the one to whom you are submitting. Love is the bottom line in our relationship with the Lord...'"

Now, what do I write about next?!

About 15 years ago I was writing a book called "Awakened by the Spirit" in which I told the story of my journey from legalistic bondage to personally know the love and friendship of our Creator. I never finished it, because the Lord opened a door on the internet for my autobiographical serial comic strip, "Theophilus and the Powers of Darkness." So I put the book aside to work on that. A few days ago I got the "Awakened" manuscript out of storage, refreshed my memory, and thought about sharing some of it in this blog.

I have also kept a journal of the hundreds of dreams, interpretations, and applications the Lord has given me, and their fulfillments, mainly during the 1990s. I may share some of those too, especially ones that did not make it into my comic strips.

From time to time during the years Theophilus has been on the internet, I received encouraging e-mails from readers who had a testimony about how the Lord brought them to my website and used a "Theophilus" episode to "speak" to them in some way, or that they received a word directly from the Lord while there, a healing, or experience that caused them to focus more on Jesus and changed their lives for the better.

Perhaps I could also tell a little about the genesis and making of certain "Theophilus" and "Our Father's Children" comic strips.

Those are some of the options that come to mind.

I will see how the Lord leads...

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