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Our Religious World

by Bob West

In 1966 I created two cartoon series. Weekly episodes of Theophilus began on February 6 in the Pine Hills Exhorter, edited by Jere E. Frost and me and published by the Pine Hills Church of Christ in Orlando. In July Our Religious World became a regular cartoon feature in Searching the Scriptures, a monthly subscription journal, edited and published by H. E. Phillips and James P. Miller in Tampa, Florida.

1966 Our Religious World cartoon

I did not realize at the time this was published that this cartoon applied to our Church of Christ just as much as it did to other denominations. (Of course, at the time I denied that our "one true church" was a denomination, even though it had all the earmarks.)

Our preachers did not wear clerical collars and we would have said that we did not subscribe to human creeds. But during the years that followed, I would come to understand that some of our doctrines did not come from God. They came from a hard core group of preachers whose faith rested apparently in logic and their ability to use it -- syllogisms with major and minor premises, and sometimes Bible verses taken out of context, to produce infallible, inerrant conclusions! These conclusions were printed in books and brotherhood journals, church bulletins, tracts, and visual aids for sermons and debates, usually with a scripture reference to show that God was in agreement.

So we had human creeds like other denominations. We loved our human creeds. And fought for them! And we became more and more divided ...

In 1989 I decided to illustrate this with a new episode of Our Religious World.
It appeared in the April issue of The Examiner, edited by Charles A. Holt, and published by Truth and Freedom Ministry, Inc.

1989 Our Religious World cartoon

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