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A Different Focus

by Bob West

During the early seventies I researched, wrote, illustrated, and published a teacher guide and a book with 13 student lessons titled "Evolution vs. Science & the Bible." It has been used in Home Schooling, Bible class curriculum in churches, and for private study by individuals.

Evolution vs. Science & the Bible book covers

At the suggestion of James P. Needham, I began a religious art service. Every three months subscribers received their choice of camera-ready art on slick white paper (which they would cut and paste in their layouts for offset printing) or on mimeograph stencils. Categories included repro art and lettering for ads, illustrations for articles, charts and diagrams, column headings and cartoons.

The cartoons included "Our Religious World," a one-panel editorial style cartoon series that began while I was still doing new Theophilus strips. Cartoon series I created for this service included "The Evangelist," "All in the Body," and "God Said It Long Before." Some of the cartoons I did for the service were not part of a series.

Various cartoon art by Bob West
God Said It Long Before cartoon

These and other ARTPAK illustrations, plus hundreds of Theophilus and Our Father's Children comic strips are still available on CDs for you to use in your visual presentations and publications. Click here to see what I mean.

In May 1975 I began publishing "Gospel Graphics", a small free quarterly publication to supplement my clip art service and to help churches do a better job with their newsletters and visual aids. Needham contributed an article for the first issue in which he wrote,"Not many editors among us are trained layout artists. This may account for our non-use or unattractive use of visual aids. We need to learn to use our imagination, and to think creatively. This can be done with some effort, and beside this, there are professional men like brother Bob West who are anxious to be of assistance. I think this newsletter ("Gospel Graphics") is a tremendous idea, because it can be a medium of communication from his vast knowledge in the field of illustration to the many brethren across the country who are in need of some help but don't know where to go to get it. Brother West wants to be used, so let's use him."

By the second issue the publication had grown in size and content, and became an (almost-free) paid-subscription publication. And it kept growing! And that was just the beginning... Little did I know what was in store for me!

Gospel Graphics magazine covers

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