Rebecca West: Words & Music


by Bob West

Our daughter Robynne was born May 7, 1958.

It was around this time that we put a down-payment on a new house in the Robinswood subdivision on the west side of Orlando. My parents and my sisters drove over from their home in Tampa to see our new baby and our new home and took the following two photos.

Robynne and parents
Robynne and her parents

6121 Hudson Street, 1958
Bob and his Dad explore the new house and discuss some possibilities...

6121 Hudson Street, 1960
After we lived there a while, it looked like this

Hudson Street, 1960
And this was a view of our neighborhood

Suzanne 1960 David carrying a stool Robynne in a playpen
Suzanne, David, and Robynne

Robynne, Suzanne, and David
Robynne, Suzanne, and David

Robinswood was a safe neighborhood during the 22 years we lived there. Our children could walk or ride their bikes to the Library and the Pine Hills Shopping Center or to the Pine Hills Elementary School and Robinswood Junior High School. Later when they went to Evans High School, the school bus picked them up a block from our house. The Pine Hills Church of Christ was also nearby.

During the late 1950s and early 1960s I suffered from migraine headaches as a result of the auto/truck crash in Boston. This severely handicapped my participation in family life. I had little control over that, but as my health improved with years of treatment and therapy I put myself more and more into church work in my free time.

Much of the time when I was working at the church building, I should have been home with Sylvia and our children. But by now, Sylvia had come to associate my presence with another demand on her time -- to keep the children quiet and to make sure that I was "happy." She did not seem glad to see me when I came home.

Years later (in 1998) I introduced autobiographical characters (Sketch and Honey Drawings and their children, Merry, Buddy, and Joy) into my serial THEOPHILUS comic strip. You may notice in the following episode that Sketch and his family faced the same problems we did.

Theophilus cartoon
THEOPHILUS comic strip 1998 episode: "The Family That Attends Together..."
Visit the Theophilus website by clicking here.

To be continued...

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