Rebecca West: Words & Music

The West Kids

by Bob West

I have decided to devote this episode of my memoirs to a few photos of our children.

For a few years I designed and made our Christmas cards. This one from the late fifties has photos of all three of our children, plus a drawing of our new house with our old 1950 Ford in the carport. Everything in black ink was on the art I gave the printer. Then I used markers to add color to each of the black and white cards I got back from the printer before mailing them.

Christmas card with kids photos

Kids with their uncle Gaylon
The kids with their uncle Gaylon

Kids with parents and Falcon wagon
Bob and Sylvia West with their children David, Suzanne, and Robynne
and their newest addition to the family -- a new Ford Falcon wagon

Kids standing by fence and oak tree
This photo is one of Bob's favorites

Romper Room TV 1 Romper Room TV 2

During September 1962 David appeared every morning 9:30 to 10:00 for two weeks on Miss Nancy Stillwell's TV kindergarten show, Romper Room. Robynne appeared three days as a substitute for a sick regular.

In addition to their TV appearances, David and Robynne starred in a movie which was shown on TV during Fire Prevention Week. The movie shows Orlando Fire Chief Pennington taking David, Robynne, and Miss Nancy on a tour of the new modern firehouse with firemen demonstrating their equipment and fire fighting techniques. The movie continued to be shown for years during Fire Prevention Week.

Photo David and Robynne
Batman and Robynne

Kids give thanks for food
"Thank You, Lord!"

Kids on bikes

There comes a time in every girl's life when she becomes "too big" for her little 24 inch two-wheeler. This year was graduation time at the West School of Cycling. For her eighth birthday Suzanne received her diploma -- a spanking new 26 inch Montgomery Ward Special. David was promoted to Suzanne's old bike. Robynne has a few more semester hours in tricycling. School President Bob and Director of Training Sylvia hope it will be quite a while before the next commencement services. Diplomas don't "grow on trees."
-- copied from Bob's 1962 Christmas magazine WESTWORDS

Suzanne in girl scout uniform
Suzanne in her Girl Scout uniform and sash full of merit badges

Church Directory family photo
1970 Family photo for Church Directory

David with basketball at Evans HS
While at Robinswood Junior High School David established a basketball school record, which will never be broken. It was Highest Free Throw Percentage in a game -- 100% (9 for 9).

In high school David played basketball for the Orlando Evans Trojans. A few highlights of his career included a victory in his first JV game against Martin County Stuart, snapping their 95-game win streak (scoring 16 points), scoring 31 points in one game, playing varsity basketball with Darryl Dawkins (the first high school player to go directly to the NBA (with the Philadelphia 76ers)), and playing in the 1975 Florida State Basketball Championship in a lopsided win over Tampa Robinson to complete a 32-2 record.

1974 family photo
Family photo, December 1974
Left to right: Sylvia, David, Robynne, and Suzanne West
Seated: Bob West

In 1969 I became an art director with Shattuck Roether Frailey and Wilson, Inc., an Orlando advertising agency. I worked there seven years before leaving to start my own business. During all this time I was also very busy with church work and producing teaching materials. I will tell more about those experiences in future episodes.

To be continued...

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