Rebecca West: Words & Music

The Changing of the Seasons

I looked up and saw a little squirrel's nest high above in the tallest of the trees. Just a few days ago when the trees were full of golden and red leaves, the little nest was hidden, nestled in its own little world. It was not until the trees were bare that I was able to see the nest.

This reminds me of the changing seasons of our lives. At times things are in our lives that we do not perceive until God exposes them. Then we see clearly.

Things change. People change. Seasons change. In nature as in our own lives. Sometimes we are required to "shed" memories of yesterday, a season passed, to enter the new season of our lives. Then there are good memories that we carry from season to season, maturing us as we learn from them. Of course we have our favorite seasons, but if we really look for the beauty and love surrounding us in our new season, it may very well become another favorite time and place in our lives. Just like the song says, "Everything is beautiful in its own way."

In recent weeks God has taken me back to my "roots," to when I was a child, growing up in a little Full Gospel Church, where my dad pastored for many years. In my new surroundings I have found a little Full Gospel Church, where my husband and I attend. It takes me back, but only to good memories and the stability and wonderful environment that I grew up in. A Godly heritage is a good thing to carry with you. I believe it is God's way of showing me that I am really home, where I belong. God is here with me, just as He was all of those years ago.

It is a new season for me in my life. I have brought all of the love within me to this place, enabling me to give even more love to my husband, and my new family and friends. It is another time and another place that God has brought me to, and every day is beautiful.

God is "God in the valley," but also He is God on the mountain. He is still God in all seasons. We only have to open our eyes to see His love and beauty in all of the places in our lives. Seasons bring change, and change brings new hope for yet another season to come.

Spring breaks forth, then gives way to the long days of summer,
The beautiful leaves of autumn give way to snow-capped mountains.
All seasons, bright and beautiful, give way to the next,
Each one welcome -- in all of their beauty.

~ Rebecca