Rebecca West: Words & Music

The Dangers of Looking Back

When you "hold hands" with a person or situation from your past, it is impossible to hold hands with what is right in front of you. In other words, you cannot focus on your past and your future at the same time. You can be hindered from receiving the blessings that God has prepared for you in your future by looking back.

If you concentrate or think on the past, your back is turned from your present and your future. Can you hold hands with two people at the same time? How can you focus on your future and focus on your past at the same time? That creates confusion, a strategy of Satan, to keep you in his grip. His goal is to keep you tied to your past and hold you captive, preventing you from the glorious future and blessings waiting for you.

Turn your back to the past failures, mistakes, and heartaches of your life and move on to the life you deserve. Turn full circle with your back to the past.

Don't lose what is right in front of you. Look ahead to the bright sunshine of tomorrow.

~ Rebecca