Rebecca West: Words & Music

Within the Heart of God

Deep in the recesses of the heart of God, you are there -- hidden safely within His heart of unconditional love and mercy. His heart's desire for you is a journey of peace and joy with Him.

Can you imagine such perfection? How can we obtain such unlimited resources that are always available to us? Are we willing to reach that far and surrender our lives to Him and His perfect will for us?

It seems that we get mesmerized by the world's rules and regulations. We get lost in the games of manipulation and deceit. We need the discernment and wisdom of the Holy Spirit to be able to determine the difference between half truths and the whole truth.

The heart of God contains no evil, no envy, no self-serving purpose. His heart is perfectly pure and holy. Searching and seeking the heart of God is exciting and revealing! It is exciting because there is nothing about God that is boring or mundane. As God's heart is revealed to us through our desire and seeking, our own hearts are revealed. This enables us to realize what we need to change to fully comprehend the fulness of His gifts to us.

As we open our hearts to Him, He takes us in His arms and draws us even closer to Himself until we are engulfed in His marvelous love. We are locked in His heart now and forever. It is not God who flings us from His heart, but we who choose to alleviate Him from our hearts. Thus the heartache. We cannot earn His love. We were born of His Spirit and He created us in His marvelous image. We are one with Him. All of His blessings are gifts to us.

The choice to accept Him into our own hearts and lives is wise. Living within the heart of God is the ultimate adventure of a lifetime! Accept His plan for your life and enjoy the journey!

~ Rebecca