Rebecca West: Words & Music

Intimacy, the Missing Link

What do women want? What do men want?

In the deepest recesses of our hearts, there is a longing to be cherished, loved, and adored. When intimacy is lacking in a relationship, there is a void in our emotions.

Unspoken needs and longings lie deep inside of us. The heart yearns for intimacy. Intimacy is an "emotional closeness" that exposes our heart and soul to another. It requires being open and honest in our communication with one another. In my opinion, it is the most needed element in a relationship, yet so many couples fail to realize the importance of it. Some find it difficult to take the time to demonstrate their love and care in an emotional way.

When intimacy is lacking, or even missing entirely, we can still have a good relationship, but if intimacy is shared, life can be so much better for both partners. It can be the difference between a beautiful marriage compared to one that just exists.

The simple things in a relationshlp have an imperative importance on our starving emotions! A gentle hug, a smile, a kiss on the cheek, holding each other, eye contact, holding hands when you need a special touch -- all of these things mean so much from the person you love. As a song says, "little things mean a lot." How true!

It is amazing how a small gesture of love can make your day. I believe these actions of intimacy strengthen a relationship quite significantly. If you find yourself in a relationship without intimacy, start making a special effort toward your partner with these loving gestures. Start giving them what you yourself long for -- that loving touch or smile that makes all the world seem right. I think they will start to enjoy the secrets that these messages bring to the relationship.

Intimacy forms a bond, a strong bond that is difficult to break. I call it the special "glue" that melts into each other's heart and soul and holds two people close in a beautiful, emotional way. It is the way God intended a marriage to be -- complete in every aspect of the word.

Having expressions of love to one another on a daily basis is like a beautiful, refreshing waterfall, washing away any hurt that may have been inflicted unknowingly. When you are linked to the person of God's choice for you, you will give effortlessly into their lives. You will learn their expectation, and they in turn will come to know yours as well.

Pray for each other -- together, and also when you are apart. Loyalty and forgiveness speak loudly of your love for one another. Love will grow even stronger as you verbally express how much you care. A home that has an atmosphere of warmth and cheerfulness is a place you will love to be -- and you will want to stay forever. When you master the art of pleasing your partner emotionally, you will unleash an indescribable influence on your environment! The words you speak set the atmosphere for your home. Words can go to the innermost part of a soul.

Confidentiality and commitment, in my opinion, provide an extra strong link between two people. Your partner/mate is your "personal confidante!" I encourage you to be willing to invest the time to listen and learn the emotional needs and desires of the one you love. Your mate is unlike anyone else on this earth.

The link of love will become stronger as you fulfill the emotional needs of your mate. Inspire your partner! Complement your partner! They will love you all the more for this.

Rivalry, instability, and division -- brought by envy and ambition -- is the opposite of peace. The link of peace is vital to both parties. A life of peace is priceless. Peace is a covenant word, that at its Hebrew core means -- nothing missing, nothing broken."

May Love and Peace reign in your life today and always.

~ Rebecca