Rebecca West: Words & Music

Childhood Memories

I remember growing up in a little four-room parsonage, which was connected to the back of a small Pentecostal church building. I could walk through a doorway from my parents' bedroom onto the podium. My father (C. A. Wagner) was the pastor. He played the guitar and my mother (Veta Elizabeth) played the accordian and sang like an angel.

I remember members knocking on our door and coming in to chat while Mom was combing my hair and getting me ready for worship services. It was so convenient for them. We were right there through the little door connecting our home to the church. It was like we lived in a "glass house." Sometimes I wonder how Mom dealt with it.

My world was "church services." Five times a week. We had services on Sunday morning, Sunday night, Tuesday and Thursday nights, and Saturday nights. Then we started all over again every single week. We always had company, especially on Sunday afternoons, and Mom served fried chicken or roast with all the trimmings.

I started singing in church at the age of three, and I have never stopped. I have always loved singing.

I was so skinny as a child. Dad would pay me to eat. Thinking back on this, it is very funny! I can still see him sitting at his desk, preparing for his sermons, studying hour after hour every single day. That's a beautiful and precious memory. My father preached like no one else. He was truly an anointed man of God, who loved his wife and children with all his heart.

Mom tried to be the disciplinarian in our family, but was never successful because Dad always came to my rescue. My mother's love for my dad was so phenomenal and her faith in God was limitless! Most of all, I remember the love that our little family had for each other. To this day my sister Barbara, my brother David, and I have a very close relationship. There is no greater heritage that you can give your children than to teach them God's Word and about His great love for them.

These are a few of my best childhood memories. My parents deep love for me, the little church, and all of the love and laughter I had as a child.

That's who I am.

~ Rebecca

Rebecca and her dad Rebecca and her dad Rebecca and puppy