Rebecca West: Words & Music

Season of Renewal

Expect to have hope renewed, rekindled. Expect your prayers to be answered in glorious unexpected ways!

The dry seasons in life do not last. Spring rains will come again, washing away the drought, and the sun will shine brighter than you have ever seen it before. Renewal has come -- a new awakening in your spirit! Your joy is renewed.

You've come alive like a beautiful flower just waiting to show your magnificence and your beauty. Beauty is all around you, and you see it. Really see it! Something new has happened, and you discover how wonderful it is to be alive!

In this season of your life, move gracefully and flow through the days and nights with happiness! It's your turn to dance in the rain, walk barefoot in the soft green grass, and bask in the sunshine.

Renewal has come. Enjoy the transformation from your cocoon and fly like a butterfly with new wings.

Happiness is like a butterfly. When pursued, it is always beyond our reach. If you sit quietly, it will find you.

~ Rebecca