Rebecca West: Words & Music

My Sweet Mountain Home

Truly our heavenly home is our ultimate goal, but sometimes along our journey we stop in places that seem like heaven on earth.

Several years ago, when I was traveling with my family in a music ministry, I wrote the title song to one of our music albums entitled "takin' You Home." it goes like this...

"Takin' you Home
Takin' you Home
The rocky road is takin' you home
Keep on travelin'
Singin' your song
The rocky road is takin' you home."

Along the roads of our lives we manage to stop in places that appeal to us. Places that make us "feel at home," and make us want to stay.

My journey has been exciting, full-filling, career-oriented, and mostly about music! I started singing when I was three years old, so my life has been filled with music for a long time! As in everyone's life, I have travelled a few rocky roads and some great ones as well. I must say that most of my life has been easy compared to what it could have been if I had not had the wonderful parents that I had. My trust in God has carried me down every road I travelled.

I have discovered that life is mostly about the choices we make along the way. The repercussions of some of our choices may not be too good, while others are very rewarding. There are so many roads to choose and many choices to make. It is so important to rely on God's guidance when we really don't have the answers within ourselves.

Then there are the pathways we have to travel that are imposed upon us, certainly not ones we would have chosen but in the end the results can still be great if we keep our trust in God. I think trust is a hugh factor in the outcome of any situation.

After a traumatic divorce that I did not choose, I was thrown into another world, one that I had never experienced before. I was alone for the first time in my life, feeling unwanted and unloved. I ran to God as fast as I could and was so thankful for the Godly teaching of my parents who had taught me to have complete faith in God and in myself. What a difference it makes when you know that God will carry you through the rough places regardless of how you feel.

So my journey began. I was frightened, insecure, and very sad. I tried each day to rise above it all but I knew I would only survive with God helping me and guiding me along this new and rocky road. I visited friends in several states, trying to find my place in this new arena. I had opportunities to sing for several women's retreats and several churches invited me to sing. I began to realize that I could do things on my own because God was with me and I felt His wonderful presence all of the time.

Time went on and before I knew it, six years had passed and my confidence was back, my joy was back, and I was healed. Really healed. I was back, but better than ever. I had learned a lot and grown much closer to God through my experience.

As time went on, I was introduced to Bob West by his cousin, Bette Yates. Little did I know that when I saw his photo on the back of one of the books he had written, that God had chosen him to be my husband! Nor did I know that North Carolina would be my destination!

Bob and I began e-mailing on a regular basis, getting to know each other as time went on. Bob had gone through some struggles of his own. After over 50 years of marriage to his wonderful wife, she became very sick with a terminal illness. He had taken great care of her for the last three years of her life. So, God has taken two of His children who had been walking through dark valleys and brought us both to the mountain top.

All of this time God was working on His plan for both our lives, preparing us for our lives together. Just as God had planned, Bob and I were engaged in May 2009 and married in July in Alton, Illinois. A dream come true.

Now I am living here with my wonderful husband in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. It was worth every trial and every rocky road I travelled to bring me to this new destination. I am so thankful for every pathway that led me to my sweet mountain home.

~ Rebecca