Rebecca West: Words & Music

Symphony in Red

Sunny day turns gray
Starry night fades away into darkness
Darkness gives way to a higher cause
It was crucifixion day

Music in heaven made preparation
For the highest praise
And the call to the heavens
Made eternity stand still
Someone was walking up a long dark hill

The orchestra played
The angels cried
The devil danced
The day He died
But the blood that was shed
Was a symphony in red

Somewhere on a hill the flowers grew
Very soon to be in full bloom
The colors they wore were scarlet red
And He looked with sadness
As they bowed their heads
His blood fell down and touched the rose
Scarlet red to scarlet red

The sound could be heard throughout the land
Death had no victory as He rose again

The orchestra played to a victory dance
And all heaven knew they could take their stance

Outside the tomb in a scarlet rose bed
The flowers swayed to the music
Of the symphony in red

All the world knew He died in their stead
Now it's our turn to dance
To the symphony in red

~ Rebecca