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Theophilus and the Powers of Darkness
by Bob West

This autobiographical graphic novel includes all 238 full-page
weekly episodes published on the internet under that title.
8.5"x11", perfect binding, 244 black and white interior pages
plus full-color covers.
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Sketch's Bookshelf
Here's the place where you can help yourself with some of the books that have
been so helpful to Sketch and Honey.

Wild at Heart:
Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul

by John Eldredge

If Christian men are going to change from a pitiful, wimpy bunch
of "really nice guys" to men who are made in the image of God,
they must reexamine their preconceptions about who God is and recover
their true "wild" hearts. Eldredge gives women a look inside the true heart
of a man and gives men permission to be what God designed them
to be -- dangerous, passionate, alive, and free.

The Two Faces of Religion
by N. S. Xavier

A psychiatrist explores the spectrum of healthy spirituality (compassion,
equality, self-respect, cooperation, discipline, and outreach to others)
and sick religiosity (dysfunction, fear, anxiety, artificiality, manipulation,
and closed mindedness). Includes case studies.


People of the Lie:
The Hope for Healing Human Evil

by M. Scott Peck

"Evil is at its worse when it is clothed with love and concern, but
all the while the underlying motives are manipulation, snooping, and
guarding the flock from alleged false teaching."

Quenching the Spirit:
Discover the Real Spirit Behind the Charismatic Controversy

by William DeArteaga

In a brilliant historical overview DeArteaga shows how moves of the Spirit
have always encountered opposition and how to handle that opposition today.

Surprised by the Power of the Spirit
by Jack Deere

What caused a former Dallas Seminary professor to believe that the
miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit are being given today? What
convinced someone skeptical about miracles that God still speaks
and heals? As soon as Deere became a seeker instead of a skeptic,
the Holy Spirit revealed himself in new and surprising ways.

Surprised by the Voice of God
by Jack Deere

Are prophecies, dreams, and visions for today? Not if you had
asked Jack Deere. He knew that once the Bible was complete,
God had nothing left to say. That is, until Jack searched the Bible
deeply enough to let it search him. What he found revolutionized
his Christian walk . . . and it can transform yours as well.


by Francis MacNutt

Real world, down-to-earth, in a realm too often seen as fantasy or
historical, is how MacNutt approaches the healing work of a loving God.
Scripturally supported throughout, it powerfuly affirms the healing work of
Jesus, alive and occurring daily, even now.

Fire in the Fireplace:
Charismatic Renewal in the Nineties

by Charles E. Hummel

The author takes a fresh look at the charismatic renewal --
its biblical roots, its influence on many Christian traditions and
its new expressions.


The Jesus I Never Knew
by Philip Yancey

Best-selling author Philip Yancey says, "The Jesus I got to know
in writing this book is very different from the Jesus I learned about
in Sunday school. In some ways he is more comforting; in some
ways more terrifying."

The Silence of Adam
by Larry Crabb, Don Hudson, and Al Andrews

Do men know what defines their manhood? Do they grasp exactly what
God has called them to become and how that calling may be unique to them
as men? This book summons men beyond their paralyzing fear of failure
to risk-taking, action, deep spirituality, and full-hearted living.


Tender Warrior:
God's Intention for a Man

by Stu Weber

Leader. Protector. Friend. Lover. Men are expected to fill a wide variety
of roles. It can be extremely difficult to achieve a healthy balance.
But God has provided a powerful blueprint for balanced manhood, and
Stu Weber takes an in-depth, life-changing look at that plan.

Point Man:
How a Man Can Lead His Family

by Steve Farrar

The enemy has declared war on your family. So equip yourself for
the battle. And learn how to lead your family successfully through
the hazards and ambushes the enemy has planned.

Fight Like a Man:
Redeeming Manhood for Kingdom Warfare

by Gordon Dalbey

Men have been cut off and alienated from their fathers for generations,
resulting in addictions, lack of family commitment, troubled marriages,
violence and abuse, and an estranged relationship with God the Father.
The solution is radical. And the solution is Jesus Christ. Ironically, the
way to "fight like a man" is to surrender -- to Jesus.

The Blessing
by Gary Smalley and John Trent

Family counselors Smalley and Trent show us how we can transform our
lives -- even when it is no longer possible to receive our parents' blessing,
and offer practical, effective methods to heal broken hearts and families.


Celebration of Miracles
by Jodie Berndt

A charming and timely collection of real-life miracle stories. Using
historical records, eyewitness accounts, and personal testimonies
retold in a lively and engaging style, Berndt explores the hows and
whys behind divine intervention in the lives of mortal men and women.

Victory over the Darkness:
Realizing the Power of Your Identity in Christ

by Neil T. Anderson

In this book you will learn how to realize the power of your identity
in Christ, free yourself from the burdens of your past, stand against
the spiritual forces of this world, win the battle for your mind, and
become the spiritual person you want to be.

Seeing the Unseen:
Preparing Yourself for Spiritual Warfare

by Joe Beam

You're on the frontlines. Wounded loved ones are falling around you.
You want to fight back, but the unseen enemy seems to be everywhere.
Joe Beam reveals Satan's powerful weaponry and unmasks his strategy to
destroy your life and those you care for. A dedicated study of God's Word
and a sharing of stories of tragedy and triumph.

The Handbook for Spiritual Warfare
by Ed Murphy

We are at war. The evidence is all around us. Child abuse. Epidemic drug
and alcohol addiction. Government corruption. Random murder in the streets.
The list goes on... How can Christians fight back? With compelling power and
urgency, Murphy surveys spiritual warfare in the Old and New Testaments
to help us understand and overcome evil.


Angels Dark and Light
by Gary Kinnaman

A host of intelligent, invisible, and powerful beings inhabit the
world we live in. Gary Kinnaman provides a thoroughly biblical guide
to the world of angels that will strengthen your faith in God and inspire
you with a deeper vision of his power at work in the universe.

The Visitation
by Frank Peretti

A novel about the epic struggle between the forces of good and evil
that will keep the pages turning -- and your heart pounding -- deep into
the night. Frank Peretti, whose books have sold more than 8 million copies
worldwide, is the undisputed master of supernatural thrillers.


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