"This book changed
my whole concept
of what it means
to follow Jesus
and what it means
to 'go to church.'"
Graphic: Book Cover

Theophilus and the One True Church
by Bob West and Art Thompson

is about following Jesus. It is unlike any other book you've ever read.

Theophilus is a fictional character who has appeared in international publications. But,
Theophilus could be anyone who loves God. He could be you. Theophilus is devoted to his Lord
and to a church (which he has been taught is the only One True Church). He is likeable, warm,
humble and sincere. His straight-forward observations sometimes bring a chuckle -- sometimes a tear.

Travel with Theophilus as he begins to discover that following Jesus sometimes runs afoul of serving
his church. Grow with Theophilus as he changes from a "church member" to one who is truly devoted to
Jesus and follows wherever he leads.

The book is a compilation of most of Bob West's Theophilus comic strips, published from February 6,
1966 thru May 1991, plus Art Thompson's excellent review of church history and commentary.

Theophilus and the One True Church is not purely an inspirational book, but it does inspire;
not a history book, but it contains some history that is easy reading and understandable;
not a book for scholars only, but its quiet scholarship shows;
certainly not a cartoon book, even though Theophilus comic strips are the heart and soul of it;
not a social commentary, but it shows some of the joys of a dedicated spiritual life;
not a devotional book, but it will inspire greater devotion;
and not a gift book, but it makes a great gift!

Get a copy for yourself and some for your friends !

Paperback, 128pp. US$ 9.95

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