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Welcome!!! We're glad you're here.
Travel with Theophilus as he begins to discover that following Jesus
sometimes runs afoul of serving his church. Grow with Theophilus as he changes
from a "church member" to one who is truly devoted to Jesus and follows wherever he leads.
The familiar situations you see portrayed in these cartoons will cause you
to think, study, laugh, cry, hope, and pray.
Stop by often and see what's happening with Theophilus, Sketch, Honey, and their friends.
And let us hear from you. Just drop a note to the address below.

A few episodes from the first thirty years...
Theophilus and the One True Church

The current adventures...
Theophilus and the Powers of Darkness
Part One: Awakened by the Spirit!
Part Two: Sketch's Spiritual Journey
Part Three: The Guiding Light

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About Bob West

Encyclopedia article...
About Theophilus the comic strip

Bob West's new serial comic strip...
Our Father's Children

Bob's Real Life Experiences with Spiritual Gifts...
Book One: Tongues
Book Two: Healings

Bob's autobiography, photos, and illustrations...
Bob West's Blog / Memoirs

Bob's wife Rebecca's website...
Rebecca West: Words and Music

In loving memory...
Rebecca West Memorial

In loving memory...
Sylvia Buteau West Memorial

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Recommended books for your spiritual journey...
Sketch's Bookshelf

The terrorist attacks on America...
Black Tuesday: Reflections on Another Day of Infamy

Getting to Know God...
Free Bible Study Course

The author's testimonies...
My Life With Theophilus
Awakened by the Spirit!
Intensive Care: A Real-Life Story of Divine Intervention
July 6th: Independence Day for Dad
All Fear Was Gone

For more information...
Questions, Answers, Comments, and Praise Reports
Who Is Theophilus?

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Theophilus and the One True Church: The Book
Bob's Spotlight and His Other Books

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